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The Best World's Chocolate Delivered Worldwide

We carefully curate our collection of the best craft chocolate makers from around the world that work only with fines, rarest and testiest cacao from South America, Asia and Africa. Our products are distinctive examples of creativity, art, chocolate making skills and sustainable approach. Try any of our bars and you will never be willing to buy chocolate from supermarkets again. Plus we pack them in a beautiful packaging to create a unique and unforgetable gift for you and your loved ones, no metter which part of the world they are living in. We are sharing with you our love to chocolate that was made for good and gifts that never collect dust.    

International Delivery Rates

We ship worldwide by DHL or TNT Express. The shipping cost calculation is based on the weight of your order and shipping destination. This cost includes the order preparation, heat-protective packaging (if applicable), DHL or TNT shipping fees and local custom duty fees (except for the countries highlighted in yellow).

Asia - Pacific

Country Delivery Time Total Cost


2-3 working days

SGD 35$

Hong Kong

2-3 working days

SGD 30$


2-3 working days

SGD 29$

1-2 working days

SGD 38$


2-3 working days

SGD 19$

New Zealand

2-3 working days

SGD 25$

South Korea

2-3 working days

SGD 21$


2-3 working days

SGD 20$

United Arab Emirates

2-3 working days

SGD 45$

United States

2-3 working days

SGD 40$