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"Imagine Chinese sausage in clay pot rice, only it’s now being used in a chocolate bar. The Hong Kong bean-to-bar chocolate won Bronze at the International Chocolate Awards 2021-2022 with its Dark Chocolate Bar with infusion - Chinese Rose Wine Duck Liver Sausage. Lo described the subtle umami and savoury flavour of the chocolate as “innovative”.

- South China Morning Post

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SLOK Chocolate (Hong Kong): Chocolate Innovation

This brand appeals to individuals who are not afraid innovative chocolate experiences. SLOK boldly combines premium bean-to-bar chocolate with classic Asian tastes, delivering a culinary journey similar to a Michelin-starred NOMA-like adventure. For those seeking a more traditional flavor profile and hesitant to be too adventurous to try such offerings like duck liver or Hokkaido dried scallop chocolate, the brand also offers one of the best and rare selection of award-winning plain dark chocolate bars and very limited releases of single-origin hot chocolate. Their Peru Chucho 72%, named as the world's best hot chocolate of 2024 by the International Chocolate Awards, is one of those very exclusive experiences for those who know their food, wine and, of course, chocolate .

Sporting a plump sloth as its mascot, Slok Chocolate epitomizes a philosophy deeply rooted in the slow food movement. Its single-origin chocolate bars embrace simplicity, crafted solely from two ingredients: cacao and organic sugar, devoid of any added lecithin or vanilla.

The current selection includes bars sourced from Ecuador, the Philippines, Brazil, India, and Vietnam.

This brand also attracts individuals unafraid of innovative culinary experiences. SLOK boldly but thoughtfully merges premium bean-to-bar chocolate with traditional Asian flavors, offering a gastronomic voyage reminiscent of a Michelin-starred NOMA-like experience, like duck liver or Hokkaido dried scallop chocolate.

The scale of production is very limited and only available for pre-orders exclusively at Hello Chocolate.

When discussing chocolate, the common associations often revolve around notions of sweetness, femininity, and indulgence. However, within the realm of artisanal chocolate, many of these stereotypes dissolve.

Enter Shi Lok, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker dedicated to crafting chocolate from raw cocoa beans. Last year, he established his own brand, SLOK Chocolate, with the aim of introducing the rich flavors of single-origin chocolate to the people of Hong Kong.

Yet, the realm of fine chocolate craftsmanship in Hong Kong is limited, with only a handful of practitioners, and public awareness remains relatively low. Consequently, Shi Lok persists in his efforts to elevate his profile and expand his reach.

Beginning with raw cocoa beans, Shi Lok meticulously navigates through a series of processes to create his delectable offerings. From meticulous bean selection to roasting, grinding, tempering, and molding, each step is imbued with care and precision.

Shi Lok's journey into the world of chocolate making began with a childhood love for the confection. Formerly employed in print media, he frequented Hakawa Chocolate during his lunch breaks, forming a bond with the store owner. Gifted with cocoa beans and encouraged to explore chocolate making, Shi Lok ventured into the craft, eventually honing his skills through professional courses and tastings.

Despite his qualifications, Shi Lok faces challenges in establishing his identity as a bean-to-bar chocolatier, particularly within the Hong Kong market where such artisans are less recognized. Drawing a distinction between mass-produced chocolate and his artisanal creations, Shi Lok emphasizes the importance of cocoa bean origins and flavor profiles in his products.

In contrast to industrial-scale production, Shi Lok's chocolate factory, nestled within a modest industrial unit, focuses on highlighting the natural character of cocoa beans. Eschewing additives, his chocolates contain only natural cane sugar, allowing the true essence of the cocoa beans to shine through.

Recently, Shi Lok introduced a uniquely local flavor to his repertoire with the rose dew sausage chocolate, showcasing his innovation and creativity in blending traditional flavors with high-quality chocolate.

When it comes to savoring his chocolates, Shi Lok offers insights on proper storage and consumption techniques, emphasizing the importance of temperature, freshness, and sensory engagement for an optimal tasting experience.

In the forthcoming interview, Shi Lok will delve into the challenges faced by fine chocolate makers in Hong Kong's market landscape, offering a glimpse into his remarkable journey and the intricacies of his craft.


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