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Luxury Chocolate Gifts Delivery to United States

World's Best Chocolate & Chocolate Gifts in the USA

Elevate your gift-giving game in the United States with the finest handcrafted chocolate from around the world. Since November 2015, Hello Chocolate has been delighting recipients internationally and across the United States with its luxurious chocolate creations. Whether your gift is bound for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or any other city or remote destination in the USA, you can trust Hello Chocolate to deliver exquisite, high-end chocolates crafted by the best independent chocolate brands within just 3 business days, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. Upon shipment, you'll receive a DHL tracking number for your reference, and upon delivery, a confirmation receipt will be sent straight to your inbox.

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Deliver Exceptional Handcrafted Chocolate Across the USA

Ensure utmost delight for your gift recipient in the United States with the exquisite handcrafted chocolate by the best boutique chocolate makers from around the world, the International Chocolate Awards winners, delivered right to their doorstep. Since November 1st, 1999, zChocolat has been providing the finest luxury chocolates across the United States. Whether your destination is New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or any other city or remote area within the United States, zChocolat guarantees the delivery of premium, high-end French chocolates in pristine condition within just 2 business days. You'll receive a DHL tracking number via email once your order is shipped, and a delivery confirmation receipt will be emailed to you upon successful delivery

Sending Elegant Gifts to the USA

Indulge in the luxury of the best craft chocolate from around the world to elevate every special moment. At Hello Chocolate, we take pride in presenting exquisite gifts suitable for significant occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day, along with endless possibilities for personalizing the perfect gift for your unique celebrations.

What our customers say

  • Elizabeth N. (delivery to Los Angeles, CA)

    Birthday Present.

    Bought a selection for my brother-in-law who is a dark chocolate lover. He was very enthusiastic!

  • Anthony H. (delivery to Potomac, MD, USA)

    My “go to” for dinner with friends

    Well done. This is what bean to bar is supposed to be! Beau Cacao’s three “single origin” bars have become my favorite way to introduce friends to high quality chocolate. They’re very similar in content (78%, Indonesian), but the slight geographical
    differences create a remarkably difference in flavor profiles.

  • Ihor S. (delivery to Benahavis, Malaga, Spain)

    Never tried craft chocolate before. Loved it.

    I never understood the hype behind the craft chocolate. Now I do. I had to try it once to understand the difference and taste superiority compared to mainstream commercial chocolate. Hello Chocolate was very effective in solving a shipment issue so its customer service reinforces the quality of the product.

Fine Chocolate Industry in the United States of America

Data from the Fine Chocolate Industry Association elucidates the concept of fine chocolate as follows:

Fine chocolate is a term delineated by its multifaceted attributes encompassing flavor, texture, and appearance, as well as its meticulous sourcing and processing methods, characterized by a restrained ingredient list, elevated cocoa content, and minimized sugar levels.

  • Sensory Experience: Fine chocolate artisans are ardently dedicated to extracting the distinctive nuances embedded within each cacao bean, thereby enabling consumers to embark on a journey through intricate flavor profiles intrinsic to diverse terroirs and geographical origins. The textures of these creations are typically velvety and indulgent unless intentionally designed to exhibit rustic qualities.

  • Visual Aesthetics: Professionals within the realm of fine chocolate are resolute in crafting visually resplendent encounters, bringing forth flawlessly refined products that often double as veritable works of art, meticulously fashioned to captivate the eye.

  • Artisanal Processing: The creators of fine chocolate, including both chocolatiers and chocolate makers, meticulously employ artisanal techniques to engender chocolate products of minimal processing, yet abound in the depth of flavor and complexity.

  • Sourcing Ethics: Rooted in an unwavering commitment to the cultivation process, purveyors of fine chocolate champion ethical practices in sourcing, procuring the highest quality flavor-enriched cacao beans and cocoa. This endeavor often entails engagement with specific nations of origin and individual growers.

  • Market Dimension: While occupying a niche within the larger chocolate industry, fine chocolate stands as an emergent and progressively expanding segment, constituting a mere 5% or less of overall chocolate market sales.

The category of fine chocolate is reserved for skilled craft chocolate makers and artisan chocolatiers who meticulously create bespoke delicacies that command a premium. Among chocolate enthusiasts, three out of ten partake in fine chocolate, yet a mere 5% consider it their go-to option. Notably, consumers of fine chocolate tend to be predominantly youthful and urban, boasting incomes above the average. Esteemed brands within this realm encompass Pacari, Kankel Cacao, and Zotter.

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