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  • Luxury Chocolate Brands

    Hello Chocolate: Delivering on the Promise of Luxury

    Let’s start with the term “luxury”. By definition, luxury is rooted in the highest quality and exclusivity. In the era of constant informational bombardment by all sorts of luxury chocolate experts, it is becoming more and more difficult to separate wheat from chuffs. In many cases, the lists of the most luxurious chocolate contain chocolate brands that can be purchased from the dusty floor shelves of any gas station or overpriced expensive brands of doubtful quality. 
  • How sugar-free is your sugar-free chocolate

    How sugar-free is your sugar-free chocolate?

  • Bean-to-bar chocolate delivery

    What is fine chocolate?

    Fine chocolate is chocolate without trash in it. For a long time, we were trying to find a short and simple definition of fine chocolate that could serve as a conversation opener. And this one, probably, it. 
  • The Best Chocolate in the World 2022

    The Best Chocolate in The World 2022 

    International Chocolate Awards was an undeniable authority in finding the best fine chocolate from around the world made from the best cacao. It was founded in 2012 and now it's the most reliable award you can use as guidance for navigating an exciting craft chocolate industry. We simply refer to it as the Chocolate Oscar. 
  • eco gifts delivery to the united states

    Sustainable Ancient Gift Wrapping - Furoshiki and Tenugui

    The Japanese weaves caring and sharing into all layers of society. They believe that politeness engenders order, safety, and cleanliness – significant values to live by. A polite society is a caring society. By being polite, people are considerate – they think of and put the convenience and feelings of others first when serving their friends, families, and even strangers. This permeates through every layer of institution and infrastructure in Japan as evident in the baskets provided to hold handbags and shopping bags at restaurants and trays to proffer money to reduce confusion and facilitate passing of coins and bills, just to name a few.
  • How To: The Pralus - Barre Infernale Edition

    How To: The Pralus - Barre Infernale Edition

    You see this picture above and find out that it’s the Barre Infernale – Pistache by Pralus. The allure of the luscious praline core beckons you. You order it off Hello Chocolate and once it has arrived at your doorstep, you place it in the refrigerator to enjoy after work.