Original Beans Chocolate (The Netherlands)

Original Beans Chocolate  - The Netherlands

Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its dual passion for chocolate making and conservation, raising the bar in both areas. Its Bean Team travels into the most remote rainforests in the world – in pursuit of the rarest cacao beans – to bring foodies, environmentally conscious consumers, and leading chefs pure, additive-free chocolate. Chocolate replenishes the biodiverse forests in the origins instead of harming them. Through Original Beans' One Bar | One Tree program, they plant a seedling for every chocolate bar sold, protecting the habitat of local flora and fauna, empowering cacao farmers and their families, and ensuring heritage cacao trees remain for future generations. To date, One Bar | One Tree has planted and preserved over 1,000,000 trees in the cacao origins.

And what is more important, Original Beans’ chocolate tastes as good as it looks.