Chocolate knows no boundaries; speaks all languages; comes in all sizes; is woven through many cultures and disciplines ... it impacts mood, health, and economics, and it is a part of our lives from early childhood through the elderly years.    

Herman A. Berliner

 …In the beginning there was the humble cacao bean. In its original purest form, it was traded like gold and revered by nations. Over the centuries it has been plucked, pressed, processed, mass produced and combined with almost every other food imaginable. For a long time, our experience of chocolate was dictated by large conglomerates who developed homogenised recipes that could be easily replicated at scale and sadly evolved the product into something almost unnatural. When we were children, chocolate was generally all the same; brown, sweet blocks, and we didn’t really understand the origins or connect the flavour to the ingredients.

Well here we are in a food revolution. It’s a revolution not just for chocolate but for many foods and drinks. Beer, wine, coffee and cheese, all have enjoyed the benefit of passionate creative people revisiting and refining their development and reinvigorating a market in small batch production. For chocolate the force is strong and the demand is great! Chocolate revolutionaries have stripped back the chocolate bar to really consider the raw ingredients and have completely changed the way we think about chocolate; as a delicacy, as a health food, as art and still as a treat! This revolution is bean-to bar, and the concept is being re-enforced in all corners of the world.

Hello Chocolate is our contribution to this revolution. We have made it our mission to discover the best of this new generation of chocolate makers and bring their creations to the world in a lovingly curated collection. We want to make it easier for the chocolate lovers to find their nirvana!

This has been a journey for us in more ways than one. Bringing us and our daughter, Varvara, from Ukraine to sunny Singapore and taking our taste buds on a global tour of education and enlightenment. Along the way we have built a community of chocolate lovers and friends who share our passion, and we’ve had a lot of chocolate related fun in doing so!

The chocolate lover’s community is fundamental to Hello Chocolate’s mission. Whilst only the best chocolates pass the discerning palates of the chief tasters and make the cut for the store, we know that tastes differ through culture and age and experience, and we rely on the community to tell us what they want to eat! We are constantly seeking feedback and collaboration with chocolate lovers to bring you what you want.

We have the greatest respect for our suppliers; the real genius men and women who make the magic happen and produce the chocolates we love. So, we endeavour to tell their story too and represent the people as well as their creations.

The best chocolates in the world, sourced and curated for a chocolate loving community with respect, love and fun! Goodbye sweet, brown, tasteless blocks of yesterday - Hello Chocolate!

Nina & Dmitry Minkov