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Luxury Chocolate Pralus
Dima Minkov

You see this picture above and find out that it’s the Barre Infernale – Pistache by Pralus. The allure of the luscious praline core beckons you. You order it off Hello Chocolate and once it has arrived at your doorstep, you place it in the refrigerator to enjoy after work.

7pm rolls around, you go to retrieve the well-deserved treat. You cut off the strings then peel off the brown wrapper and gold foil to reveal the immaculately glistening bar you’ve been waiting for. The weight of the bar strikes you. It’s hefty. You gently shift the bar underneath the warm light to admire the glossy look.

“Alright, it’s time to try this.”

Everyone around you and online have been raving about this bar and you’ve got high expectations. You replay the gooey goodness that will be oozing out, in anticipation of what is to come in the following few seconds. You begin to salivate at the thought of possibly biting into the best chocolate bar you’ve ever had in your life and...

The bar is rock solid.

Does the above scene sound all too familiar? Do you wonder how to fully experience the coveted Pralus – Barre Infernale Pistache? Or any other bars of the Barre Infernale series for that matter?

This has been a long-awaited blog post on how to attain the mouthwatering, mesmerizing, and highly ‘grammable stage of eating the chocolate bar. Keep reading on to find out how to get that magnificent *chef’s kiss* bite every single time.

Steps to increase your chances of getting the *perfect* texture for Barre Infernale:

  1. Take the bar out of the refrigerator

  2. Leave it alone in room temperature for at least 15min

  3. Cut the bar with a sharp knife (don’t be a savage) – it should be slightly soft and perfectly gooey, depending on the temperature of your environment

And that’s it! The only difficult part about the three steps is the waiting, but we promise it’s always worth it. All good things come to those who wait after all. Now go forth and indulge yourself. Post as many bait-y pictures as you please, we won’t judge. Just tag us (@hellochocolateshop) in them.

The Pralus Barre Infernale Series:

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Pistache

The sensational bar of the Barre Infernale series, this is 160g of unadulterated indulgence. A substantial layer of dark chocolate made with fruity Madagascar cacao beans expertly surrounds a praline pistachio center made of sweet and rich pistachio paste coating pieces of crunchy whole pistachios. This pairing culminates in a climax in the mouth, when the dark chocolate melts perfectly on your tongue and lingers while the pistachio paste takes over as the leading lady in a theatrical performance that only your sense of taste can experience. A popular pick among the epicurean.

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Noire

The perfect example of an extraordinary pairing of chocolate made from the fruit Madagascar cacao beans with a nutty praline core. Let this be the dessert to conclude a romantic night of juicy steak and rich, tannic red wine on a high note. You will not need any more aphrodisiacs.

2014 International Chocolate Awards – Best Dark Chocolate Bars with Fillings - Bronze

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Lait

Truly a devilishly delicious bar, the shell is made of 45% milk chocolate with a rich cocoa flavor using beans sourced from the best plantations around the world. At its core, you will find tasty praline with toasted whole hazelnuts. A great dessert treat for a post-dinner indulgence.

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Nougat

Calling this an infernale would be a misleading misnomer. An angelic mix of nougat, French honey, whole chunks of almonds and pistachios are coated in a massive layer of creamy milk chocolate. The honey in this bar is extra special, coming from the little village of Mars near the Loire. Sweet and rich with a satisfying crunch, this bar was surely made for sharing… if you manage to resist wolfing it all down yourself…

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Orange

A mischievous bar, this dark chocolate bar has a praline core filled with candied orange with a hint of Grand Marnier liquor Talk about a naughty party in your mouth. If you get our drift, no one would blame you for sneaking this into the bedroom.

Pralus Chocolate – Barre Infernale Brut de Plantation

Beans from this bar were sourced from the Sao Tome plantation of Claudiou Corallo. Spicy and fruity notes and a hint of berries. Strong flavours enhanced by the cacao nibs. Pieces of nibs in this bar give it an unusual texture that falls apart when you eat it.

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