Naive Chocolate (Lithuania)

 In a little town on the Eastern side of Lithuania, Chocolate Naive makes its' inventive bean-to-bar chocolate. The brand's collection has chocolate made from local Lithuanian ingredients like porcini mushrooms or kefir, chocolate made from exotic ingredients like tahini or durian, and famous Nano-lots - a chocolate collection made from extremely rare cacao beans. For many years Domantas Uzpalis, the founder of Naive, has been sourcing fine cacao and wild organic ingredients from the best farmers and suppliers from around the world. The brand was put on the international foodie map after winning several prestigious awards including for its packaging design and receiving a favourable review from reputable food journalists. The brand sticks to using ingredients that are grown using biodynamic practices and that work perfectly well with high-end chocolate. All the ingredients are freeze-dried before being mixed with the cacao, resulting in bars with silky smooth textures that carry distinct aromas. Domantas also believes that to create real premium chocolate one has to work closely with actual producers, not just with middlemen, and the connection is important to create great chocolate from the very start. And the more unique the location the better the result. 

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