Cacaosuyo Chocolate (Peru)

Cacaosuyo Chocolate Peru

Cacaosuyo started to invest in knowledge way before they started to invest in chocolate-making machinery. The goal was simple but, at the same time, very ambitious - to make the best possible chocolate in Peru from Peruvian cacao. And Peru was a great place to start this venture. The country is famous for its white cacao. And white cacao is famous to be one of the ancient and most delicious varieties. For those of you who don't know, cacao, not sugar, is what makes chocolate delicious. And, here is one of the best examples of such chocolate that rarely can be found on grocery store shelves. Their Piura Milk was awarded Gold during the Finals of the International Chocolate Awards in London - "the Chocolate Oscar" of the fine chocolate industry - which made it the best milk chocolate in the world in 2022. 


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