Our Guide to the World's Best Hot Chocolate 2024

World's Best Hot Chocolate 2024
Dmytro Minkov

The 2024 World Craft Hot Chocolate Competition winners were unveiled during a live ceremony at SIGEP in Rimini, Italy, on Tuesday, 23 January, by The International Chocolate Awards. SIGEP, renowned as one of the largest expos dedicated to pastry, ice cream, coffee, and chocolate, provided the perfect backdrop for this announcement. Co-founders Monica Meschini and Martin Christy, along with Grand Jury members Michaela Schupp and Kathryn Laverack, took the stage to reveal this year’s champions following 2.5 days of rigorous assessment.

This year's competition attracted over 150 entries from chocolate makers worldwide, showcasing a diverse range of cacao origins. For the esteemed chocolate judges, it was an opportunity to witness the ingenuity of artisans worldwide as they transformed chocolate into delectable beverages.

Beyond traditional chocolate-based drinks, the competition also evaluated cacao infusions and alcoholic beverages featuring cacao.

The judging process involved a meticulous selection of seasoned experts with professional culinary backgrounds, who conducted blind tastings alongside the permanent members of the Grand Jury.

In a bid to enhance transparency and standardization in chocolate sensory evaluation, The International Chocolate Awards adopted the flavor profiling system from its parent body, the IICCT (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting). As part of this endeavor, all winners and finalists' scores are now publicly available, providing consumers with a comprehensive guide to chocolate quality, while adding an extra layer of celebration for entrants alongside their medals. Scores are akin to those used in specialty coffee evaluations, where a score of 80 and above indicates fine chocolate quality, with scores exceeding 90 denoting exceptional craftsmanship. The prize thresholds for each category are established by the Grand Jury, reflecting the product's type and quality.

Hello Chocolate is happy to present some of the best chocolate brands in drinking chocolate category, including the most innovative one - SLOK Chocolate from Hong Kong.

World's Best Hot Chocolate Brands 2024

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