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Hello Chocolate at Tuck Studio | World's Best Chocolate in Canada
Dmytro Minkov

When we relocated Hello Chocolate's operations from Singapore to the vibrant and rapidly developing region of Atlantic Canada, our goal was to demonstrate that one doesn't need to be situated in New York, Toronto, or Montreal to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and establish an inspiring business. We had already been inspired by numerous craft chocolate makers worldwide who had chosen to live their dreams and create exceptional chocolate far from the hustle and bustle of major cities. Whether it was Beau Cacao from a small town in the French Alps, Cahleur B Chocolat from the breathtaking and remote Gaspesi region in Quebec, or Sierra Sagrada from the cacao-rich Sierra Nevada region of Colombia, these passionate artisans had shown us the way. We took a significant risk, but not a day went by when we regretted our decision. It turned out that the region was teeming with cool lifestyle businesses, visionary entrepreneurs, world-class publishers, artists, and designers. What's more, there was a remarkable bonus to all these perks – being surrounded by the utterly unique and breathtaking nature of the Atlantic region, friendly people, and a supportive community.

Tuck Studio

Our journey brought us to Saint John, New Brunswick, where Judith Mackin and her Tuck Studio became our initial connection point. Her generosity and willingness to assist us were instrumental in preventing us from feeling entirely adrift after such a drastic transition from the other side of the planet. Tuck's business instantly resonated with us.

You can gain profound insights into a person by observing how they create their living space. Even long after they've gone, some homes remain preserved exactly as they were, serving as windows into the passions that drove their inhabitants. This is precisely where Tuck Studio, guided by Judith Mackin, excels. By 'this,' we don't just mean a pursuit of aesthetics or prestige; it's about understanding and uncovering how various aspects of your living space and lifestyle can harmonize with your distinct personality. This is accomplished through personalized in-person and virtual consultations.

In addition to their consultancy services, Tuck Studio's retail space in Uptown Saint John is an endless source of inspiration. It houses timeless classics like Herman Miller's chairs, contemporary furniture from brands like Gus* and EQ3, an extensive collection of small decor items, and a thoughtfully curated selection of modern art by local artists.

That's why we're absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our first retail pop-up in the area this October at Tuck's stylish lounge room. If you're fortunate enough to reside in Saint John's metropolitan area, join us at Hello Chocolate's pop-up at Tuck's, which will take place every Friday and Saturday starting from October 16th. There, we will embark on a journey to discover the incredible world of luxury bean-to-bar chocolate crafted by the finest independent chocolate makers from around the globe and learn how to make your home, your food, and your drinks genuine reflections of your very essence. Hello Chocolate's and Tuck's products are meticulously crafted and thoughtfully curated, each one a unique masterpiece that seamlessly blends all aspects of a creative lifestyle. No detail has been left to chance, and every opportunity to infuse a touch of elegance and well-being has been seized upon. During our sessions, we hope to encounter individuals whose living spaces and lifestyle choices are expressions of their unique style, tailored to their respective crafts, and adorned with such exquisite details that, much like a magnificent work of art, they transcend the sum of their individual elements. And of course, there will be plenty of chocolate tastings. What could possibly go wrong?

Meet us at Tuck Studio, Saint John, New Brunswick every Friday and Saturday till Christmas 2023.

More about Tuck Studio: https://tuckstudio.ca/

Tuck's Online Shop: https://shop.tuckstudio.ca/


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