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This retro-modern chocolate bar comes from the future of the past, so get on board the time machine and let's go to the era of naive inventors and dreamers who opened a new human history chapter by learning how to fly like a bird, harness lightning, and tame horsepower. It was a new way of life, an accent to a personality, and romanticism made mechanical, with limitless view on potential, and the manifestation of invention and ideas.
This bar is a part of the concept that uses ingredients that come from a single ecosystem. Because of the fact that an ecosystem' minerals, water, and soil give life to its plants, the living things that thrive together inherently taste good together. Every chocolate bar from Naive's collection is solely composed of ingredients grown the area or region of the earth surrounding the equator with bright and intense flavours symbiotically blended into the house-made tropical chocolate. The bled formulation is classified but we assure you it is top quality and it fits perfectly with Chocolate Naive standards and values. 
We absolutely love this bar. It is inspired by a very old chocolate processing method born at the dawn of the industrial revolution when chocolate was made with cast iron machines powered by steam engines. The goal is to revive this antiquated, precious processing method. Let's go back in time! 


This chocolate is made in-house with organic specialty cacao, which is mixed in certain proportions to form a clean, rich and flavourable base. It is dark, rough, unpolished and straightforward. Smooth, sweet whiskeys pair best with this chocolate bar.
You can experiment with Macallan's 12YO or something by Edradour. Port finished whiskeys pair quite well too. Take the whiskey of the palate, moving it around the mouth for awhile to let the flavours build and then add a piece of chocolate and let it melt.  
Flavour Notes: Initial taste of fresh strawberries and cherries followed by honey and a few nutty notes that appear in a few seconds of time. 


specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter.
Weight: 57 g

Maker Description

Each and every day Naive Chocolate makes outstanding bean-to-bar chocolate in a tiny town of the Eastern side of Lithuania.   

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Very Pleased!
Divine Taste!
Thanks a lot for your review. The bar is really extraordinary and with minimally processed. This is what preserves flavour and creates crunchiness.