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This is a unique cocoa variety from Guatemala, characterized by its high Criollo content.  Criollo, the original and most exquisite cocoa in the world, finds its roots in this region 

Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free

This is a unique cocoa variety from Guatemala, characterized by its high Criollo content. Criollo, the original and most exquisite cocoa in the world, finds its roots in this region. Over centuries, in Guatemala, a distinctive and independent cocoa variety has evolved, merging the fine flavors of Criollo and Trinitario beans. Indigenous cocoa farmers belonging to the FEDECOVERA cooperative in Guatemala have cultivated this blend to preserve the Mayan heritage and nurture this exceptionally rare, locally-sourced fine cocoa. These dedicated farmers are members of indigenous tribes, each with its language and culture, residing in the Cahabon and Polochic regions of the country. They practice mixed cropping as small-scale farmers, a vital component for maintaining ecological equilibrium. Moreover, the FEDECOVERA cooperative invests in education, providing support to elementary schools and educators while encouraging their members to pursue education and apply their knowledge for the community's benefit.

Now, you have the opportunity to savor this exceptional cocoa. Zotter has masterfully crafted it into dark single-origin chocolate with a 75% cocoa content at our bean-to-bar manufacturing facility. We've utilized our innovative SNR roasting method to accentuate the rich and diverse aroma profile of this intriguing Criollo descendant.

Aromas: Expect a powerful bouquet with intense fruity notes reminiscent of berries, cherries, banana, and peach.

Taste: Delight in a harmonious blend of flavors, including subtle hints of lightly salted lye roll, a sweet medley of spices, and an intense fusion of fruits, featuring exotic fruits, berries, cherries, peach, and watermelon. The finish is gently peppery, concluding with a fruity flourish.

This cocoa embodies the essence of chocolate culture's origins and promises an explosion of flavors for an unforgettable tasting experience.

cocoa mass°*, raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*
Single origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Guatemala.
Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 75% minimum

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 100%
°from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy.

Our chocolate makers proudly refrain from using any artificial stabilizers or preservatives in their products, making their creations more temperature-sensitive compared to other premium chocolates.

To ensure the optimal taste experience, it's advisable to store our chocolates in a cool, dry place where the temperature hovers between 16°C and 18°C. Please refrain from refrigerating our chocolates, as this may cause sugar crystallization due to increased humidity, altering their texture and flavor.

On the contrary, if stored in excessively high temperatures, cocoa butter may separate and form a white film on the chocolate's surface. This loss of cocoa butter can lead to the chocolate drying out and, consequently, a potential alteration in flavor. Your mindful storage practices will help preserve the integrity of our delectable chocolates.

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