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Kad Kokoa - Dark Chocolate - Chiang Mai 70%

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The north of Thailand is an agricultural treasure for the country. It is a mountainous landscape and the higher latitude allows for crops unique to the region of Thailand such as strawberries, cherry flowers, and a thriving Arabica coffee production.

The cacao varietals which thrive in this cooler tropical environment offer us a subset of flavour that is unique to the North of Thailand. 


International Chocolate Awards, Asia Pacific 2018 - Bronze


Tasting Notes: fresh banana, wild honey, flowers and bright acidity.


Cacao, Organic Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter

Weight: 55 g 

Maker Description

Kad KoKoa is a premium bean-to-bar chocolate, founded by 2 lawyers, Paniti and Nuttaya in Thailand. They source beans directly from Thai farmers around Thailand. The team is attentive in the entire process of selecting, fermenting and drying beans to ensure we can represent the best flavours and aroma of Thai cacao when made into chocolate or as cacao beans. Kak Kokoa signifies a commitment to the environment and to the beautiful ecosystems of Thailand. They believe in Thai bean-to-bar chocolate, and we hope to bring awareness of Thai cacao and chocolate to the global arena.

Our chocolate makers proudly refrain from using any artificial stabilizers or preservatives in their products, making their creations more temperature-sensitive compared to other premium chocolates.

To ensure the optimal taste experience, it's advisable to store our chocolates in a cool, dry place where the temperature hovers between 16°C and 18°C. Please refrain from refrigerating our chocolates, as this may cause sugar crystallization due to increased humidity, altering their texture and flavor.

On the contrary, if stored in excessively high temperatures, cocoa butter may separate and form a white film on the chocolate's surface. This loss of cocoa butter can lead to the chocolate drying out and, consequently, a potential alteration in flavor. Your mindful storage practices will help preserve the integrity of our delectable chocolates.

Customer Reviews

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Song Huang

Kad Kokoa - Dark Chocolate - Chiang Mai 70%

Patricia Tan
Amazing Chocolate from Chiang Mai ,Thailand

There was a review on a Royal Thai inflight magazine in 2019. So we decided to give a try on this humble home grown chocolate in Thailand. All we can say is WOW! amazing taste and texture just blew us away! In Love at first bite! Thank you hello Chocolate for bring in this brand to SG


Kad Kokoa - Dark Chocolate - Chiang Mai 70%

Really good!

Didn't regret getting this one. Was very very smooth and thick but not overly dense that it melts readily in your mouth.

Thank you for your reviews. Your opinion will help us and other chocolate lovers to make more informed decision. We totally agree that Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai chocolate is truly remarkable and one of the most successful exampled of single origin chocolate from the region.

best chocolate ever!

simply delicious - slightly bitter, smooth, with a hint of spice and oh so divine!

Hello Mythili,

Thank you for your review. We totally agree. Kad Kokoa is doing a great job putting Thailand on the map as a cocoa-growing and chocolate-making country. Some more regional chocolate brands are on the way.