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Fine Chocolate Truffles
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Discover an assortment of handcrafted bonbons in each box, arranged neatly into three rows. Here's a unique collection of the tempting truffles awaiting you:

  1. Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel: Crafted with 52% milk chocolate sourced from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, this truffle is a milk chocolate shell filled with a high-quality caramel, made from the same fine milk chocolate.

  2. Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania: Experience the rich essence of single-origin dark chocolate from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, both in its shell and creamy filling. It has a natural sweetness with subtle hints of citrus, offering delicate notes of orange derived from the flavorful dark chocolate.

  3. Spring Chicks: Award-winning carrot cake white chocolate, transformed into a delightful truffle. Enjoy layers of carrot cake and cream cheese ganache, providing bites of carrot cake bliss."

Contains Dairy, Contains Nuts

Crafted for Ultimate Enjoyment

McGuire Chocolate's commitment to produce one of the best Canadian chocolate is evident in every facet of their truffle creations. Their chocolate, used in the shells, fillings, and decorative touches, is painstakingly produced in their charming shop located in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.

They take pride in our rigorous process of ethically sourcing cacao from small farms across the globe, ensuring transparency at every step. From roasting and shelling to grinding these premium cacao beans, they transform them into world-class chocolate, all within their very own shop.

Each box showcases our dedication to bean-to-bar chocolate, meticulously transformed into truffles that exude a profound and impactful flavor profile.

From the rich nuances of single-origin dark or milk chocolate to the inventive, uniquely infused white chocolate creations, McGuire Chocolate truffles promise an elevated tasting experience.

Best Before Details:

McGuire's commitment to freshness means they use only the finest, preservative-free ingredients. To savor the optimal experience, we recommend enjoying your truffles within a week of receiving them. The date marked on the box signifies the Best Before date for our cream-based ganaches. Caramel-filled truffles, on the other hand, offer stability for a more extended period, making them an excellent choice if you plan to savor some for later.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odours. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging

Our chocolate makers proudly refrain from using any artificial stabilizers or preservatives in their products, making their creations more temperature-sensitive compared to other premium chocolates.

To ensure the optimal taste experience, it's advisable to store our chocolates in a cool, dry place where the temperature hovers between 16°C and 18°C. Please refrain from refrigerating our chocolates, as this may cause sugar crystallization due to increased humidity, altering their texture and flavor.

On the contrary, if stored in excessively high temperatures, cocoa butter may separate and form a white film on the chocolate's surface. This loss of cocoa butter can lead to the chocolate drying out and, consequently, a potential alteration in flavor. Your mindful storage practices will help preserve the integrity of our delectable chocolates.

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