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100% Organic From Bean to Bar. Discover the exquisite of the best chocolate in the world - Lachua bar, meticulously crafted from cocoa beans nurtured by the Asodirp and Katbalpom associations in Lachua, Guatemala. Roasted in Hautes-Alpes to unlock their nuanced flavors, these beans are expertly transformed into refined chocolate bars. Embrace the taste journey!

Flavor Profile: Delight in a black forest dessert sensation on the tablet! Experience a bold chocolate with hints of red fruit jam, culminating in the freshness of nuts on the finish.

Seeking Excellence in Producers: Beau's cocoa is sourced from Uncommon Cacao, a B-Corp certified company, ensuring unparalleled quality. The cocoa is cultivated by a dedicated community of 98 members from the Asodirp and Katbalpom associations.

2 Ingredients • 100% Organic

Vegan, Dairy-free, Organic

Beau Cacao, a chocolate venture with a distinctive vision, is on a mission to redefine the chocolate experience in a modern and sensory way. The founders, who initially pursued careers as a product designer and a professional waiter, embarked on a journey that led them to explore the world and discover the multifaceted nature of chocolate. They recognized that chocolate had the potential to be as intricate, elegant, and captivating as wine, and they felt that this realization was something that should be shared with the world.

Driven by the desire to make chocolate a source of indulgence and pleasure, they gave birth to Beau Cacao, a brand dedicated to producing seasonal, single plantation chocolate bars meticulously crafted in Briançon, Hautes-Alpes. Their core mission, both as individuals and as a company, revolves around transforming beloved treats into intimate, shareable moments of wholesome delight, all the while preserving the Earth's precious resources.

The founders of Beau Cacao are passionate about ensuring that people can enjoy chocolate with confidence. This confidence is rooted in their commitment to sourcing the finest cacao beans from the right farmers and treating everyone in their supply chain ethically and fairly. They take a responsible approach and adhere to equitable standards, striving to have a positive impact on the ecosystem and support sustainable agricultural practices.

Beau Cacao's rejection of the modern mass-market approach to chocolate-making is a testament to their dedication to creating a direct connection between consumers and cacao farmers. By working closely with small-scale cacao growers, they maintain full transparency in their products, fostering strong and prosperous partnerships that benefit the farmers, the company, and the discerning chocolate aficionados they serve.

This unique approach allows Beau Cacao to capture and retain the distinct flavors and aromas, often influenced by the terroir, that leave their mark on the cacao beans. The result is a collection of exceptional single plantation fine chocolate bars, each one telling a story of origin, care, and dedication. Beau Cacao's unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability shines through in every delectable bite of their exquisite creations.

78% Organic cocoa beans. Organic cane sugar

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odors. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging

Our chocolate makers proudly refrain from using any artificial stabilizers or preservatives in their products, making their creations more temperature-sensitive compared to other premium chocolates.

To ensure the optimal taste experience, it's advisable to store our chocolates in a cool, dry place where the temperature hovers between 16°C and 18°C. Please refrain from refrigerating our chocolates, as this may cause sugar crystallization due to increased humidity, altering their texture and flavor.

On the contrary, if stored in excessively high temperatures, cocoa butter may separate and form a white film on the chocolate's surface. This loss of cocoa butter can lead to the chocolate drying out and, consequently, a potential alteration in flavor. Your mindful storage practices will help preserve the integrity of our delectable chocolates.

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