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Dive in the smooth and rich flavors of Ocelot - Sea Salt 70%. Crafted from organic dark chocolate sourced from Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo, this chocolate features a unique salty-sweet kick from hand-harvested sea salt from Scotland. Plus, the plastic-free packaging is sustainable and compostable.

Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free

The chocolate supplier, Original Beans, is renowned for its relentless efforts to ensure that cocoa farmers receive not just a basic income but also the resources necessary to focus on cultivating top-quality, healthy cocoa. This commitment extends to enabling the farmers to support their families and contribute to the well-being of the environment and nearby communities.

The process of producing the cocoa beans required for chocolate involves meticulous care by the farmers. They nurture the cocoa trees, painstakingly hand-pick cocoa pods, and carefully separate the beans for fermentation. Following a closely monitored fermentation process, the cocoa beans undergo sun-drying to preserve their natural characteristics. Subsequently, the beans are hand-peeled and subjected to further processing to create nibs, paste, butter, and powder.

The 70% organic chocolate, crafted from beans grown in Virunga National Park, Africa's oldest nature reserve and home to the last Mountain Gorillas, reflects the farmers' active role in protecting these gorillas and their invaluable habitat. The resultant beans encapsulate the remarkable diversity of this region, resulting in a chocolate with enticing flavors of dark fruits, earthy forest notes, and smoky tobacco.

Their 50% organic dark milk chocolate is produced from the same rare Amelonado beans cultivated by an all-female cooperative in Eastern Congo.

We are delighted to share that Ocelot Chocolate and Original Beans have united in their pursuit of crafting exceptional chocolate. A decade ago, Ish and Matt Broadbent launched Ocelot Chocolate from their kitchen table in Edinburgh, and it has since grown to symbolize the pinnacle of artistic and culinary elegance in the world of craft chocolate.

There was a moment when the economic challenges of 2021/22 threatened to bring an end to this remarkable enterprise. Thankfully, a path forward was discovered, and Ocelot and Original Beans are now sister chocolate companies. Their teams have come together as one international force, operating in over a dozen countries and representing a multitude of nationalities.

What unites them all is a shared dedication to craft foods and chocolate, and a profound commitment to making the world a better place. The motto of Original Beans, "Speak what’s true, eat what’s pure, preserve what’s rare," beautifully captures the ethos that unites everyone involved in this endeavor, both at Ocelot and Original Beans.

organic cocoa mass, organic raw unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sea salt (1%)

Our chocolate makers proudly refrain from using any artificial stabilizers or preservatives in their products, making their creations more temperature-sensitive compared to other premium chocolates.

To ensure the optimal taste experience, it's advisable to store our chocolates in a cool, dry place where the temperature hovers between 16°C and 18°C. Please refrain from refrigerating our chocolates, as this may cause sugar crystallization due to increased humidity, altering their texture and flavor.

On the contrary, if stored in excessively high temperatures, cocoa butter may separate and form a white film on the chocolate's surface. This loss of cocoa butter can lead to the chocolate drying out and, consequently, a potential alteration in flavor. Your mindful storage practices will help preserve the integrity of our delectable chocolates.

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Nur Izziana

Ocelot - Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt 70%

Sean Nicholson

Ocelot - Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt 70%


Ocelot - Dark Chocolate - Sea Salt 70%

Dark Chocolate with sea salt

Yummy and rich - would order again.

Ji Lean Ong
Sweet and slightly salty

Smooth chocolate taste with a hint of salt to bring out the depth of the flavour.