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Vegan Milk Chocolate, Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Original Beans sources its' Esmeraldas 50% Vegan Milk cacao from Mache Chindul, the last coastal cloud forest of Ecuador. The forest replenishes all major rivers in the region and is home to an enormous variety of plants and wildlife, including the spectacular Imbabura Tree Frog and the Mache Glas frog.

The launch of Esmeraldas Vegan Milk 50% Original Beans has expanded the company's impact in the area of 117 small village communities. The seclusion of the beans guarantees that the Arriba Nacional cacao has been preserved to the day and has not been damaged by the boom of hybrids. This means that the residents - including us - can enjoy excellent chocolate. And we have a chance to work together to preserve other natural treasures of Mache Chindul.


The name of the Arriba Nacional cacao is said to originate from “de rio arriba”, meaning upriver. That precisely is how things go down in Mono Bravo nowadays: old and young cowboys of the village elegantly travel over streams and creeks on horseback to bring their exceptional beans to us.


In several village communities, Original Benas helps to preserve and reforest local Arriba Nacional cacao varieties and provides training in organic cacao growing, fermentation, drying and quality control. In return for their investments, the community of Mono Bravo has already committed 800 hectares of the highly biodiverse rainforest as a village forest reserve.

Here is more of what Original Benas does:

  • Preserve and reforest local Arriba Nacional cacao varietals

  • Protect 200 hectares of highly biodiverse rainforest

  • Help farmers get organic certified

  • Train in cacao-agroforestry and post-harvest management

  • Subsidize proper farming equipment and tools


MAKER: Original Beans (The Netherlands). 

COCOA ORIGIN: Esmeraldas Coast, Ecuador. 


WEIGHT: 70g (2.46 Oz)

DIETARY TYPE: Gluten-free, Organic, Vegan. 

PACKAGING: Compostable.

CAUSE: Conserve Cacaos, Help Farmers, Preserve Cultures, Protect Animals, Save Rainforests.


raw cane sugar*, cacao mass*, cacao butter*, ground almonds* 12%, almond protein* 5%. Cacao solids: 50% minimum.

May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts and milk.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odors. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging 

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