Chocolate Hamper "Best of the Best"
Chocolate Hamper "Best of the Best" Chocolate Hamper "Best of the Best" Chocolate Hamper "Best of the Best"


The “Best of the Best” chocolate hamper is a selection of Hello Chocolate’s historically best-selling bean-to-bar chocolates from around the world, packed in an exquisite hand-woven bamboo basket that can be reused in a multitude of ways. Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is a revolutionary concept that has been drastically transforming the chocolate industry. Craft chocolates deviate from mass-produced chocolates in that they represent only the finest and most natural ingredients, can contain rare varieties of cocoa beans, ascertain environmental conservation, and emphasize positive social impact by ensuring a sustainable ecology, community, and economy. Additionally, craft chocolate bars are exceptionally delicious and pure, relatively healthier than mass-produced chocolates, and both the bars and packaging are always beautifully designed. In this chocolate hamper you’ll find the following bars (cocoa content in parentheses):
  • Bonnat - Real Del Xoconuzco (75%): Bonnat Chocolatier is one of the pioneers of the bean-to-bar movement. Their single estate bars are the monuments of the French tradition of chocolate making and conservation of rare varieties of cocoa beans in Mexico. Bonnat is a renowned brand among sophisticated chocolate eaters from around the world. (Origin: France)
  • Fruition - Pecans with Maple Cinnamon Milk Chocolate: The epitome of addiction in a bag. These candied pecans from Fruition are a huge hit amongst chocolate lovers who prefer nuts in their bars and treats. Each pecan is perfectly coated in toffee milk chocolate made with cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. (Origin: New York, USA)
  • Kad Kokoa - Chiang Mai (70%): This bar had won the Bronze award at the International Chocolate Awards - Asia-Pacific in 2018. The bar brings unique tasting notes of fresh bananas, wild honey, and flowers that are representative of the Northern region of Thailand. (Origin: Thailand)
  • Ocelot - Black Cherry (70%): Produced in small batches in a micro chocolate factory in Scotland, this artisanal dark chocolate made with black cherries will please fruity palates. The packaging of the bar is completely plastic-free, as Ocelot is fully committed to being sustainable. (Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Raaka - Pink Sea Salt (71%): An unroasted dark chocolate bar made of beans from the Dominican Republic and infused with quality pink sea salt. It is believed that raw chocolate preserves the maximum amount of antioxidants of cacao beans, which makes it one of the healthiest treats available. (Origin: New York, USA)
  • Pralus - Barre Infernale Pistache (75%): Our absolute bestseller which has gained traction and popularity amongst all chocolate lovers. Pralus sources cacao from exotic areas around the world and is also one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers that own a cacao plantation, which is located in Madagascar. With a luxuriously thick layer of dark chocolate coating a hefty pistachio praline centre, the combination will highlight the fruitiness of Madagascar cacao beans like never before. (Origin: France)
  • Zotter - Labooko Milk Chocolate - Nicaragua (50%): This bar is a great representation of dark milk chocolate. Dark milk chocolate is technically milk chocolate, but made with a high cacao content. This bar was named the best milk chocolate in the world by “Chocolate - The Reference Standard”, a catalogue of more than 4,000 craft chocolate bars from around the world. (Origin: Austria) 


    The listed bestselling luxury chocolate products from around the world.
    100% reusable bamboo basket with Hello Chocolate tag.
    Printed transparent gift message (leave your message on checkout page).
    Important notice - Hello Chocolate reserves the right to replace any item in the hamper with another of higher or equivalent value depending on availability.
    Storage instruction - Store in a cool dry place away from strong odours.

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