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Each land of Bonnat’s Grand Cru collection has its own story, its own subtle composition of nature and culture. Being plausibly and desirably exclusive this bar remains quite affordable in comparison with some other award-winning chocolate bars. Mexican beans used in this bar have very good genetics. Bonnat brought this prized bean back to life since its last use in 1850. Those criollo beans we heavily impacted by commercialisation methods, disease and the destruction of native habitats. But the genetics of those rare criollo beans was saved and is being grown in small quantities today.
Criollo beans supposed to be the first variety to be used by humans for making consumable products as long ago as 2000 years.  Although the fact that something is rare, not necessary makes it great, this bean is rare and great at the same time. That is why Bonnat’s Xoconuzco is one of our favourite chocolate bars. Stephane Bonnat says that this type of cacao is very difficult to work with because they require very special roasting that uses different temperatures in accordance with the weather. He proclaims that he is most proud of this bar out of any other bars from his single-origin collection. Being very unique it reminds us of chocolate produced by another great chocolate maker from Denmark – Friis-Holm.  
This chocolate is great for bringing along to a dinner party and to share with friends this rare bar in a green wrapper.

Travel with a Bar

Chiapas’ fertile coastal plain, 15km to 35km wide, is called the Soconusco, and is named for the Aztecs’ most distant 15th-century province, called Xoconochco. It’s hot and humid year-round, with serious rainfall from mid-May to mid-October. The lushly vegetated Sierra Madre de Chiapas, rising steeply from the plain, provides an excellent environment for coffee, bananas and rare varieties of cacao. Bonnat's  


Type: Dark Chocolate
Bean Origin: Mexico
A dark chocolate with great depth and length. The rich creaminess, the subtle, unobtrusive flavours. Notes of nuts, mango and ginger with a slightly smoky edge and controlled acidity. Suitable for those who prefer their chocolate to be dark and earthy but not very acidic.


cacao, sugar, cacao butter.
Energy value 603 kCal/2501KJ
Salt 0.01g
Carbohydrate 42.6g of which sugar 25.9g
Dairy & Gluten Free.
Weight: 100 g

Maker Description

Bonnat Chocolatier is one of the oldest family-owned chocolate makers in the world. They have been producing delicious chocolate for more than 130 years. Raymond and Nicole Bonnat pioneered Bonnat’s first single origin bar in the 1980’s. Now their son Stephane Bonnat continues his parent’s tradition and working with more than 35 plantations from around the world to produce his bars.

Customer Reviews

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Rich and creamy

Love the luscious buttery mouth feel! A very enjoyable bar!

Super yummy

Tried this for the first time and both of us really enjoyed the smooth rich dark chocolate. Hope to see Hello Chocolate bringing more dark choc :) Thanks!


Please please please bring this back? And consider a button to update a customer when items come back into stock?