Zotter Chocolate (Austria): Don't Panic... It's All Organic

100% Organic and Fair Trade, From Bean to Bar

Zotter committed to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable chocolate production. Their entire business is Fair Trade verified, and they proudly hold membership in the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the global umbrella organization for fair trade practices. The WFTO meticulously oversees businesses to ensure compliance with the ten fundamental principles of fair trade, which encompass values such as transparency, environmental responsibility, fair pricing, and the prohibition of child labor, among others. To delve deeper into their commitment to fair trade, please visit www.wfto.com.

Moreover, Zotter is 100% dedicated to the bean-to-bar approach in crafting their chocolates. This means that every Zotter chocolate starts from the cacao bean and is meticulously produced in their own bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Furthermore, all the ingredients used in their chocolate creations originate from organic farming practices. You can verify the authenticity of their organic commitment by referencing their organic control number: AT-BIO-402. Zotter takes pride in offering you chocolates that are not only delicious but also environmentally conscious and ethically sourced, from the very inception to the final bar.

WFTO - A Distinguished Badge of Excellence

The renowned NGO "Südwind" has conducted an extensive evaluation of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), scrutinizing its current ecological, transparency, and social effectiveness credentials. Remarkably, WFTO has been accorded the prestigious designation of excellence, particularly in terms of its credibility and dedication to social causes.

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) stands as the global umbrella association, uniting more than 400 fair trade organizations spanning approximately 70 nations. In Austria, proud members of the WFTO include ARGE Weltläden, EZA, and Zotter.

Distinguished from the traditional Fair Trade label, the WFTO label transcends mere product certification; it is designed to recognize organizations that have made fair trade their core mission and purpose. As active members of the WFTO, Zotter is elated to have achieved the highest accolades from this esteemed label.

For a comprehensive look at the impartial label assessment, we invite you to explore the independent label check online by clicking on the following link: https://siegelcheck.suedwind.at. Discover why the WFTO stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of fair trade and social responsibility.

Environmental Stewardship: A Fundamental Pillar of Zotter's Values

Safeguarding the environment stands at the forefront of our corporate philosophy. Zotter's commitment to environmental protection is underlined by their prestigious certifications, namely ISO 14001 and EMAS.

As an EMAS-certified company, Zotter is a part of Europe-wide registry, subject to rigorous scrutiny and consistent monitoring by certified environmental experts at the national level, who have received accreditation from the environmental department.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Bioplastics

Zotte is proud to share that approximately 90% of their packaging is biogenic, crafted from renewable resources. Their commitment to sustainability extends to using certified paper sourced from sustainable origins, and they employ environmentally friendly inks and dyes in all their packaging materials.

Furthermore, the majority of their packaging is composed of bioplastics, derived from renewable raw materials. These bioplastics are not only biodegradable but also compostable, adhering to the EN 13432 standard. Their dedication to eco-conscious packaging underscores their mission to minimize their environmental footprint.

Design Craftsmanship

Zotter's captivating designs have been masterfully crafted by their art director, Andreas H. Gratze (A-H-G), who has wielded his pen and a healthy dose of humor since 1994. Explore his creative portfolio at www.a-h-g.at and witness the artistry behind Zotter's brand.

Organic Soy Lecithin: A Sustainable Choice

In Zotter's white and milk chocolates, they incorporate soy lecithin sourced from meticulously controlled organic cultivation. Rest assured, this soy lecithin is non-GMO, and its production is environmentally friendly, with no harm to the rainforest. It's important to note that their dark chocolate recipes remain soy lecithin-free, emphasizing their commitment to a diverse range of chocolate experiences.

More Then 500 flavors, naturally organic & fair

Zotter Chocolate

Passion for Innovation, Diversity, and Sustainability

In 1992, Zotter's journey into the world of chocolate took a groundbreaking turn. They birthed the very first hand-scooped chocolates, revolutionizing the chocolate-making process. Abandoning traditional molds, they embarked on an artistic journey, handcrafting each chocolate on lengthy tracks, layer by layer. This innovative approach gave birth to entirely new flavors while reinventing the classics, resulting in taste explosions like no other.

The introduction of the 70-gram bar format was a pioneering move, and it was adorned with the captivating wrapper designs by Andreas H. Gratze – each piece a work of art that seamlessly marries humor with stylistic virtuosity. This unique blend of innovation, design, and craftsmanship remains the hallmark of Zotter's hand-scooped chocolates.

This season, their spotlight is once again on hand-scooped chocolates, featuring 16 exciting new flavors. Lemon takes center stage, lending its vibrant essence to creations like "Caramel + Lemon." Expect a harmonious blend of sweet chocolates infused with refreshing lemon notes and tantalizing crispy textures. Their range includes fruity marvels such as "Strawberry Pistachio," "Red Roses + Raspberries," "Utopia Wine + Fruit," "Berries + Crispy Praline," and more. The surge in demand for vegan chocolate is met with enthusiasm as their introduce a whole new dimension of vegan flavors, from "Lemon & Almond" to "Olives + Lemon," including vegan drinking chocolates and pure Labookos crafted with oat drinks.

Their third highlight is the "Cheery & Nuts" range – a delightful combination of velvety chocolate and crunchy praline. They've also revamped the design, presenting these delectables in a vertical format. Notably, their "In • Fusion" range showcases concise product names and exquisite design, accompanied by charming illustrations on their 8 choco lollies.

In total, Zotter offers over 500 different chocolate flavors because they relish diversity. Their range includes hand-scooped chocolates, pure Labookos, drinking chocolates, fine flavor Light Bulb couvertures, Mitzi chocolate discs adorned with vibrant decorations, balleros featuring chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and so much more. The magic is brought to life by a team of around 240 dedicated individuals working diligently by hand at Zotter's family business.

Zotter is driven by a relentless passion for innovation, constantly exploring new chocolate frontiers and engaging in ongoing research. At their bean-to-bar chocolate factory, they meticulously craft every chocolate, from the cacao bean to the final chocolate bar, using exceptional fair trade organic cacao. Their commitment to sustainability is unwavering, and they regularly visit their cacao producers in their local communities.

Zotter's family business proudly ranks among Austria's most sustainable companies. Their entire production is organic and fair, reflecting their genuine concern for both people and the environment. They power their production with 100% green energy, utilize eco-friendly packaging, and provide their employees with complimentary, organic, and delicious breakfasts, lunch menus, holiday childcare, and more. Zotter is dedicated to nurturing chocolate dreams while preserving the planet we all call home.

Zotter Chocolate Family


Let's Craft Chocolate! Hand-scooped Delights – Layer by Layer

 Zotter Craft Chocolate

Zotter Chocolate - Making Process

Diversity and Abundant Handcrafted Excellence with Homemade Ingredients

Zotter Chocolate Factory

Hand-scooped Chocolate

The Authentic Hand-Scooped Experience

When Josef Zotter embarked on his chocolate-making journey, he sought a term that could encapsulate his unique approach to chocolate creation. It was a blend of imaginative artistry and meticulous craftsmanship, encompassed by multiple layers and sumptuous chocolate coatings. In a pioneering move, Zotter coined the term 'hand-scooped' to differentiate his creations from conventionally poured chocolates. 'Scoop' not only signifies innovation but also mirrors the boundless creativity woven into every Hand-scooped Chocolate bar. Through the expert fusion of diverse ingredients, we craft an array of exceptionally distinctive chocolates.

Hand-scooped chocolates are a fusion of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. These delectable treats are filled chocolates, where layers of fillings are meticulously spread along extended tracks. This intricate process often involves the harmonious blending of up to six distinct layers, all enveloped in a luscious chocolate coating. By ingeniously combining various ingredients, such as marzipan and cherry brandy, Zotter continuously create something new—a burst of flavors that ideally culminates in a taste explosion.

Thanks to these delightful compositions of taste and their distinctive designs, Zotter's hand-scooped chocolates have achieved cult status.

Zotter Hand-scooped Chocolate

What our customers say

  • Elizabeth N. (delivery to Los Angeles, CA)

    Birthday Present.

    Bought a selection for my brother-in-law who is a dark chocolate lover. He was very enthusiastic!

  • Anthony H. (delivery to Potomac, MD, USA)

    My “go to” for dinner with friends

    Well done. This is what bean to bar is supposed to be! Beau Cacao’s three “single origin” bars have become my favorite way to introduce friends to high quality chocolate. They’re very similar in content (78%, Indonesian), but the slight geographical
    differences create a remarkably difference in flavor profiles.

  • Ihor S. (delivery to Benahavis, Malaga, Spain)

    Never tried craft chocolate before. Loved it.

    I never understood the hype behind the craft chocolate. Now I do. I had to try it once to understand the difference and taste superiority compared to mainstream commercial chocolate. Hello Chocolate was very effective in solving a shipment issue so its customer service reinforces the quality of the product.

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