World's Best Chocolate - Asia

Here you will find one of the best Asian chocolate makers. The common perception is that Swiss or Belgians are making the best chocolate in the world. But the problem with common perceptions is that they are too common. Because the best beans from which chocolate is made are not growing in those places, but rather far to the west, the south and, more often, the east. 

Cocoa or cacao beans, from which chocolate is made are native to Central and South America, in particular, to such countries as Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador etc. When the beans were brought to Europe for the first time to Europe in the sixteenth century by the Spanish it was enjoyed primarily as a drink adopted by the European aristocracy.   

The chocolate bar came in the mid-19th century as a combination of cocoa powder and sugar in a paste that was pressed into a bar. Now most chocolate bars widely available to the public are low-grade examples where the percentage of actual cacao is often less than a third. Alternatively, there's a whole world of artisanal examples produced by hand. And in accordance with the International Chocolate Awards, many of the best examples of real traditionally produced fine chocolate bars are coming from Asia.