Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada)

Soma Chocolate

We don’t think that there's a need to advertise this brand a lot. This small-batch chocolate maker from Toronto is very well-known among chocolate lovers and we were bombarded with numerous requests to add them to our chocolate collection. Soma was consistently collecting International Chocolate Awards including Dark Chocolate Gold for its Guasare bar in 2018. But back in 2003, when Cynthia Leung and David Castellan first launched Soma, cocoa producers laughed when they tried to buy a single bag of beans to experiment with. The couple learned a lot about the “art” and “craft” of making chocolate. “Chocolate making has a lot like art, especially when you start working with a palette of flavours,” says Leung. The result of this artistic approach becomes more complete when you reveal each layer of their delicious chocolate. The love and curiosity of all things chocolate propels us on as we continue to explore great cacao beans and other natural ingredients, used in Soma’s products.

Soma chocolate is a real gift for any person with a healthy appetite for great chocolate. It is not a surprise that we decided to start our new season of the Secret Chocolate Pre-Sales with this outstanding chocolate brand. There's simply no better way to express your passion than with the gift of rich, decadent bean-to-bar chocolates that embody the sweetness of the one you love.

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