Obolo Chocolate (Chile)

Obolo Chocolate USA

Being the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Chile, OBOLO has sustainability in it's core. Working for several environmental and social NGOs in South America, Mark Gerrits, the founder of OBOLO saw an opportunity to build something that could be a business that produces great products and makes profit but also be 100% sustainable and give back to communities and nature. That is where the company's philosophy resonated with the one we preach here at Hello Chocolate. However, today there's not shortage of fussy, over-rated and over-priced stuff that's supposed to make difference and ends up doing just the opposite. OBOLO makes quality chocolate that is simple but with stress on local ingredients. For the wrapping the company uses compostable NatureFlex packaging, designed exactly for doing good for the Nature. Rugged and refined design. And best of al top-notch quality of beans and ingredients.   

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