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"We all agreed that Bonnat's Apotequil, a 75% cocoa bar, was the best chocolate we have ever eaten."

Elaine Sciolino, The New York Times.

Throughout France, there are chocolate makers and chocolatiers who’ve passed their craft down for generations, since back when every bar was produced by hand. One of those family-run chocolate companies, when they’re not painstakingly crafting some of the capital-F finest chocolate products in the world for their branded shop, makes unbelievably tasty single origin bars. So when you put it your mouth you can taste the expertise. A soft, light award-winning Selva Maya combines with a rich and not less praised Hacienda el Rosario are just some of the bars to make this particularly lightweight and delicious chocolate collection. The levels of flavours are off the charts — with a French Riviera style that’ll make you wanna throw on a linen blazer. All for much less than what chocolate of this level usually cost. They’re exclusives too, getting their big intro to Singapore in our shop. So melt them in your mouth and don’t be surprised if you give out a big est gentil!

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