The Yellow & the Blue: Stand for Ukraine

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There were never a better way to support a good cause than by eating great chocolate. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022 with your help we managed to support directly tons of humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine and specifically in Odessa - the strategically important port and a beautiful city on the Black Sea seashore. Previously the town was the favourite touristic and recreational place for many Ukrainian people and tourists from abroad. It has a very rich French architectural heritage and very unique history and culture. Now Odessa is one of the Ukrainian military resistance strongholds that is regularly hit by Russian missile strikes and is under a great pressure caused by the great inflow of desperate people who are fleeing the active military actions in the Eastern front.

Since the launch of the Yellow & the Blue campaign we've collected more than $12000 with the tremendous help of our friends and customers from around the world. Among other thing we helped to purchase there were 6000 cans of canned food, StarLinks, portable power stations, a container of chicken, water etc. But when sources has started to dry up, it seems like right now the need is even greater. 

With this section we would like to launch a new campaign that will help us to continue to finance different humanitarian need in Ukraine. In this section you will find chocolate contributed by us and other chocolate makers. All proceedings from this collection (minus necessary transaction costs) will go directly to support trusted and utterly brave volunteers that we know personally. We treasure your continuous support. Every bar sold here will make a difference. Together we will conquer evil with good. With good chocolate in our case. 

Eat Good Chocolate! Support Peace! Support Ukraine!
Nina & Dima Minkovs.

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