Organic Vegan Chocolate

We have gathered an exciting collection of organic vegan chocolate to allow genuine chocolate fans to support their ethical lifestyle choices. Each organic vegan chocolate bar we offer has been produced from fair-trade, natural ingredients. Most of our suppliers are small, family-run businesses that source cacao beans and other ingredients from small farmers in Tanzania, Thailand, Ecuador, Congo, Peru, Malaysia, and many other countries located in the cacao belt. 

How Organic Vegan Chocolate Is Made

Like any other type of chocolate, vegan chocolate bars are made from cacao beans that grow on cacao trees, plants native to Central America, and cultivated all over the globe at present.

Farmers carefully pick ripe cacao pods with a machete, a large knife similar to a sword. Then the beans are fermented under huge banana leaves or in wooden boxes for around a week, sun-dried, and shipped to chocolate producers. 

At a chocolate factory, the beans are first roasted and peeled. After that, they are ground into cocoa mass, which is further processed to get cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Cocoa solids are later pulverized into cocoa powder. Except for white chocolate, all types of organic vegan chocolate are made by combining cocoa butter and cocoa mass in different proportions, which helps achieve a variety of tastes. The only cocoa ingredient of white organic vegan chocolate is cocoa butter, which explains its unusual color. At this point, all chocolate is absolutely vegan.

However, two ingredients can make chocolate incompatible with a vegan diet: milk and sugar. While a vegan milk chocolate bar will contain plant milk, such as coconut, oats, or almond milk, it’s essential that the sugar in your vegan bar is certified organic or vegan.

Our Choice

Sea Salt 70% Vegan Dark Chocolate by Ocelot

A salty touch allows you to feel the rich, smooth taste of vegan dark chocolate. This fantastic bar contains nothing more than organic, ethically-sourced cocoa mass, cocoa butter, raw, unrefined cane sugar, and hand-harvested sea salt.

Merken Smoked Chili 65% Organic Vegan Chocolate by Obolo

Indulge in a mind-blowing combination of organic cacao beans from Peru and naturally smoked Merken chili pepper. Just imagine a gentle touch of sweetness followed by a brief sensation of spiciness with a bright smoky note on top.

Noble Bitter 70% Baking Chocolate by Zotter

This vegan, gluten-free chocolate contains only cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, and cocoa butter, all fair-trade and organic, making it an excellent choice for your vegan homemade desserts.

Andaman Blue Spirulina Vegan White Chocolate Bar by Kad Kokoa

This incredibly delicious raw vegan chocolate bar has a great blue color, which it got thanks to the blue spirulina algae. The cow milk traditionally added to white chocolate is replaced with coconut milk. One of the most delicious vegan chocolate coconut bars is just within a few clicks!

Organic Vegan Chocolate FAQ

Is cocoa butter vegan?

Absolutely. Cocoa butter is an oil extracted from the seeds of the cocoa tree fruit, known as cacao beans. Consequently, it belongs to plant-based fats, like, for instance, avocado oil or coconut oil. You can use cocoa butter for cooking vegan dishes.

Is cocoa powder vegan?

Yes. Cocoa powder is derived from cacao beans, the cacao tree’s fruit seeds, meaning that it is vegan.

What chocolate is vegan?

To be recognized as vegan chocolate, it shouldn’t contain milk products or sugar processed in an animal-unfriendly way. 

Is white chocolate vegan?

Along with cocoa butter and sugar, dairy milk is one of the main ingredients of white chocolate. Given that, the traditional white chocolate is not vegan. However, with the rise of plant-based milk, it has become possible to produce vegan white chocolate, and it’s easy to find a bar in any vegan chocolate shop. Oat, rice, or coconut milk is often used in vegan white chocolate production.

Can vegans eat chocolate?

Basically, vegans can eat any chocolate as long as it doesn’t contain dairy, honey, or non-organic sugar.

Is there any vegan chocolate apart from dark chocolate?

Sure, you can also find white and plant-based milk vegan chocolate. In addition, there are plenty of vegan bars with a variety of flavors, such as vegan chocolate peanut butter bars or vegan chocolate with dried cherries. Nuts are a popular addition to vegan chocolate as well, and it’s relatively easy to find a vegan chocolate hazelnut bar.