Chaleur B Chocolat (Canada)

World's Best Chocolate 2022 | Chaleur b Chocolat

Bluarlier du Quai is the mother brand of Chaleur B Chocolate. The company is a famous coffee roaster and chocolate maker from the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, Canada. Their job is to put the very best chocolate on your table and coffee in your cup. Just as you have your accountant, your baker, and your mechanic, they work to make sure your chocolate bar and cup of coffee are at their greatest. The construction of happiness in everyday life is the accumulation of fragments of enchantment in several aspects of daily life, and for us, eating fine chocolate and drinking a good coffee is an essential element in the construction of happiness. And we are your ally in bringing the best chocolate from around the world and a spark of joy to your doorsteps. We accompany you in the selection, curation, and in discovery. Chocolate is an extraordinary product, a fruit of nature with incredible tasting potential.

Chaleur B Chocolat manufactures chocolate from the cocoa bean to the bar. Its creations range from bars of chocolate to a range of couverture chocolate for professionals. It is also one of the best award-winning chocolate in the world. In this collection, you will find quality chocolate with a concern for transparency at all stages of production.