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Recent studies prove that real dark chocolate with high cacao percentage and zero-sugar chocolate are not only great antioxidants but also great fat-burning products. They improve athletic performance and reduce sugar craving. Hello Chocolate offers a carefully selected collection of the best craft bean-to-bar chocolate from around the world with low sugar content or no sugar added and with fast delivery across the United States and worldwide. 


Today, innovative technologies allow chocolate makers to produce sugar free chocolate in the widest varieties ever. It’s relatively easy to find sugar free milk chocolate bars or sugar free chocolate coconut bars. Moreover, some artisan producers even offer a sugar free white chocolate bar, a totally unique treat.

If you are extra cautious about your sugar intake, follow a diabetic diet, or simply like less-sweet sweets, you should definitely choose and try one of the fantastic chocolate bars from our collection.

Each low sugar and sugar free chocolate bar we offer has been produced from high-grade, organic cacao beans grown by small farmers in Malaysia, Tansania, Peru, and other cacao-growing destinations.

How Is Sugar Free Chocolate Produced?

Chocolate is made from cacao beans which are picked by hand. Then, the beans are roasted in huge ovens. After the beans have been dried in the ovens, the outer shells are removed, and the beans are broken into tiny pieces called ‘nibs’. Then, these nibs are crushed and made into a paste known as cocoa mass or cocoa liquor.

Sweetening solutions are added to the paste, along with other additives, such as vanilla, essential oils or spices to improve the natural flavors of chocolate. Then the mixture is heated, stirred, and cooled several times before it is poured into molds to create a perfect sugar free chocolate bar.

While the use of sucrose prevails in the traditional chocolate industry, numerous sweeteners offer new opportunities for the manufacturer. Try Puchero Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 85% Dark Chocolate with organic cane sugar or Labooko Hi-End 96% Dark Chocolate with coconut blossom sugar.

You can also enjoy a selection of sugar free chocolate bars, like our OBOLO Sugar Free Pangoa 100% Dark Chocolate or Labooko Peru 100% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate. They boast an excellent selection of ingredients, such as organic cocoa butter or cocoa mass.

Is Sugar Free Chocolate a Healthy Choice?

Until recently, chocolate was rarely produced as a sugar free product because of the multi-functional properties that sugar offers to products. Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about the high sugar levels and calorie content as well as health effects of confectionery products, with light and sugar-free products growing in popularity.

And they couldn’t be more right. Did you know that eating chocolate can improve your mood? Eating sugar free chocolate results in releasing endorphins, the feel-good hormones. But boosting your mood is not the only thing chocolate is capable of. Eating chocolate is said to be beneficial for your health too.

By including sweet treats that are free of sugar, like Zotter Baking Chocolate Sugar Free Light Bulbs in your eating plan, you’ll load your body with vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants.

A diet high in antioxidants helps lower the risk of many diseases and slow down the process of aging by fighting free radicals.

Chocolate is rich in iron and has more iron than beef liver. Our bodies need iron for development and growth since it provides oxygen to muscles and takes part in producing certain hormones.

Chocolate is also known as the second richest source of magnesium among foods. From regulating blood sugar to boosting athletic performance, magnesium is crucial for your brain and body.

If you are trying to watch your weight, you might benefit from consuming a sugar free chocolate bar which contains sugar alcohols, also known as ‘polyols’. Besides being lower in calories, they don’t cause cavities.

Our Choice

So, how to enjoy classical chocolate flavor and ensure your diet is low sugar? Look at what we have to offer.

Peru 82% Dark Chocolate by Labooko 

With quality, variety and innovation at its core, Zotter is a sugar free chocolate brand that practices sustainability and fair trade. Their sugar free dark chocolate bar is proudly created with aromatic cocoa beans grown by Peruvian farmers. It is a perfect choice for you if you prefer a nutty and fruity finish.

Pangoa 100% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate by OBOLO 

Another sugar free dark chocolate bar that originates from Peru is produced by the OBOLO brand. This chocolate bar combines intense flavor with silky smooth texture which is sure to seduce even the most capricious chocolate lovers.

Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 85% Dark Chocolate by Puchero 

Drenched in the hot African sun, hand-picked cocoa beans open new shades of flavor. Organically grown beans have only the best to offer. This awesome dairy free chocolate bar is a wonderful vegan option, a truly special offer you shouldn’t miss.