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What is bean-to-bar chocolate?

What is bean-to-bar chocolate? Bean-to-bar chocolate is real chocolate without any palm oil, chemicals or other "industrial dust" in it.

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Sustainable Ancient Gift Wrapping - Furoshiki and Tenugui

Sustainable Ancient Gift Wrapping - Furoshiki and Tenugui The Japanese weaves caring and sharing into all layers of society. They believe that politeness engenders order, safety, and cleanliness – significant values to live by. A polite society is a caring society. By being polite, people are considerate – they think of and put the convenience and feelings of others first when serving their friends, families, and even strangers. This permeates through every layer of institution and infrastructure in Japan as evident in the baskets provided to hold handbags and shopping bags at restaurants and trays to proffer money to reduce confusion and facilitate passing of coins and bills, just to name a few.

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The Yellow & The Blue

Dear Friends,

When we started Hello Chocolate in 2015, one of our founding principles was that this business is not supposed to be about us.  It’s about chocolate.  We have no interest in building a cult of personality or farming social media likes and followers.  We believe that our role is behind the scenes as stewards and curators—our job is to support talented independent chocolate makers and to introduce them to a larger family of chocolate lovers around the globe.  In this way, it seemed irrelevant who we are or where we’re from.

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