Organic White Chocolate

Indulge yourself in the creamy, velvety taste of organic white chocolate. Explore our unique collection of premium white chocolate produced by small bean-to-bar chocolate makers from ethically sourced cacao beans.

Each organic white chocolate bar we offer has been created with social and environmental sustainability in mind. Our partners buy cacao beans directly from small farmers in Tanzania, Congo, Malaysia, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, and other countries.

How Your Organic White Chocolate Bar Was Produced

Organic white chocolate begins with the cacao tree, which grows in hot and humid tropical climates. Farmers carefully pick ripe, vibrant orange cacao pods with a machete, cut open them, and remove cacao beans. Then the beans, still surrounded with white pulp, are covered with banana leaves or placed into wooden boxes for fermentation. The process of fermentation takes two to nine days.

Fermented beans must be conscientiously dried. The farmers place them onto bamboo mats or wooden boards under the hot sun, regularly turning them over for consistent drying. Once dried, the beans are exported to chocolate makers.

At an artisan chocolate factory, beans are roasted at low temperatures to develop flavor. Then the beans are cracked, and their shells are separated through a process called winnowing, leaving pure cocoa nibs. The nibs are ground into a rich paste, known as cocoa mass, which contains cocoa butter and solid particles, which will be later milled into cocoa powder. The cocoa mass is pressed to extract the cocoa butter from solids.

The only cocoa ingredient used in the production of organic white chocolate is pale-yellow cocoa butter, which explains its unusual ivory color. By adding organic milk powder and sugar to the cocoa butter, the chocolatier comes up with a product that doesn't have bitter cocoa notes characteristic of dark chocolate. Of course, flavorings are often added to enhance the taste of organic white chocolate.

Our Choice

Sweetness of Three Milks Natural Chocolate Bar by OBOLO

Inspired by a traditional Latin American dessert, this sweet and creamy organic white chocolate bar will leave no one indifferent. It contains nothing more than 38% cocoa butter, whole powdered milk, and cane sugar, all of organic, fair-trade origin.

Labooko Strawberry Organic White Chocolate Bar by Zotter

This delectable whole foods organic milk chocolate bar combines top-quality cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, and dried strawberries, which give this bar an unusual red color.

Andaman Blue Spirulina Organic Vegan White Chocolate by Kad Kokoa

This light blue organic raw chocolate bar is a truly unique treat. It is produced from organic cocoa butter, sugar, coconut milk, and toasted rice, all sourced from small Thai farmers. The Blue Spirulina, algae found in the Andaman Sea, gives this chocolate an unusual blue color.

Organic White Chocolate FAQ

What is the difference between dark and white chocolate?

The main difference is that dark chocolate is produced from both cocoa butter and cocoa solids, while in the production of white chocolate, only cocoa butter is used. Cocoa solids determine the dark brown color of dark and milk chocolate, which reveals why white chocolate isn't brown. Also, dark chocolate contains little or no milk, while it's one of the major ingredients of white chocolate.

Is there vegan white chocolate?

Although traditional white chocolate contains milk products and is not vegan, some chocolate producers make organic white chocolate using milk substitutes such as coconut, oat, rice, almond, or soy milk. Importantly, not every dairy-free white chocolate bar is vegan. Significant amounts of the non-organic cane sugar are processed with bone char, meaning that even if chocolate is only made from cocoa butter, plant milk, and sugar, it may fail to qualify as vegan if the sugar isn't certified vegan or organic.

Is white chocolate healthy?

Although white chocolate is renowned for containing a significant amount of calcium, it is high in saturated fat. Since this popular dessert is made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk, it isn't a very healthy choice. Consuming moderate amounts of white chocolate occasionally won't harm your health, however, it's not a good idea to make it a regular part of your eating plan.