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Our new flip-up Labooko Advent calendar is filled with 24 different flavours for fans of sublime, first-rate pure chocolate. Small Labooko minis will whisk you away to the wonderful world of cacao, introducing you to ever-increasing cacao percentages starting with a sweet milk chocolate and finishing with a powerful 100% cacao bar. Experience rare cacao varieties from many different countries, like the legendary Maya cacao from Belize or the African island cacao from Madagascar, and let some seductive caramel, coconut, coffee, white chocolate and pink raspberry coconut make this festive season even sweeter.

A beautiful Advent calendar with two wings you can flip up just like the smaller Labooko packs – free-standing without using a single nail or hook. The stunning design alone makes the Labooko Advent calendar an atmospheric and conveniently flexible decoration, which you can display wherever the mood strikes you. The calendar inlay is made of paper, to benefit our environment.



1. 68% Togo
2. 50% Ecuador Milk Chocolate
3. 75% Tanzania
4. Coconut
5. 90% Bolivia
6. 60% Nicaragua Milk Chocolate
7. 82% Belize »Sail Shipped Cacao«
8. 60% Ecuador
9. 100% Peru
10. 35% Panama Milk Chocolate
11. 70% India
12. Fine White Chocolate
13. 72% Brazil
14. 70% Peru Milk Chocolate
15. 75% Madagascar
16. 40% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate
17. 75% Guatemala
18. Coffee
19. 75% São Tomé
20. 45% Peru Milk Chocolate
21. 70% Uganda
22. Raspberry Coconut
23. 72% Ghana
24. Caramel


24 pure mini chocolates at 8 g each = total net weight 192 g
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Packaging dimensions: W: 170 x H: 370 x D: 30 mm


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk and sesame.

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Zotter Chocolate

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Joy Lim

I get to sample all the various chocolates which are each beautifully wrapped on a different design… great way to decide which ones I love.