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A calendar with just drinking chocolates containing 24 of them to enjoy hot in festive mugs on a cosy evening with friends. 19 different flavours from fragrant honey and cinnamon to the nectar of the gods featuring divinely smelling tonka beans, classics like Almond Praline, Bitter Classic and Caffè Latte to the spicy Bird’s Eye Chilli and aromatic Indian Chai.


1. Almond Praline
2. Chilli Bird‘s Eye
3. Green Tea
4. Cinnamon Banana
5. Caramel
6. Nut Praline
7. Ginger Coconut
8. Honey Cinnamon
9. Xocitto 100%
10. White Vanilla
11. Hemp Drink
12. Bitter Classic
13. Milk Cocoa
14. Indian Chai
15. Caffè Latte
16. Coffee Cardamom
17. Nut Praline
18. Cashew Caramel
19. Winter Magic
20. Nectar of the Gods
21. White Vanilla
22. Almond Praline
23. Caramel
24. Honey Cinnamon

The calendar inlay is made from bioplastics, which are developed from renewable biomass and are entirely compostable.


24 drinking chocolates à 22g each = 528g total net weight
Shelf life: 5 months from shipping date

Packaging dimensions: W: 170 x H: 370 x D: 35 mm


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame

Maker Description

Zotter Chocolate