Luxury dark chocolate bar with wine infusion by Soma Chocolatemaker
Luxury dark chocolate bar with wine infusion by Soma Chocolatemaker Bean-to-bar dark chocolate with wine by Soma Chocolatmaker


Soma's original idea was to infuse cacao with oak. After an inspired talk with friends at Stratus Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, winemaker J-L Groux sent over an oak barrel partially filled with the residual yeast and grape skins from the winemaking process known as “lees”. They roasted up a batch of cacao beans and added the roasted nibs to the barrel, rolling it around to make sure things were well mixed.
3 months later, an aromatic wine infused cacao emerged. After grinding the nibs, refining and conching—the Stratus bar was born, an experimental and elegant chocolate bar with the subtle flavour of a Stratus wine.


Origin: Stratus Vineyards. Niagara-On-the-Lake, Canada + Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Cacao content: 70%
Tasting notes: grapes, wild honey, blackcurrant, walnut, honeysuckle, blue cheese
International Chocolate Awards World 
2015- World Silver
2016- Canadian Silver
2018- World Bronze


Maker Description

We don’t think that there's a need to advertise this brand a lot. This small-batch chocolate maker from Toronto is very well-known among chocolate lovers and we were bombarded with numerous requests to add them to our chocolate collection. Soma was consistently collecting International Chocolate Awards including Dark Chocolate Gold for its Guasare bar in 2018. 
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Soma - Dark Chocolate - Stratus, with Icewine Lees