This grand 160g chocolate bar is considered to be an ace in Pralus’ sleeve. The perfect example of an extraordinary pairing of chocolate made from the fruity Madagascar cacao beans with a nutty praline core. Let this be the dessert to conclude a romantic night of juicy steak and rich, tannic red wine on a high note. You will not need any more aphrodisiac ;)
Have you seen pictures and videos circling around with the gooey perfection? Here's how to achieve the same texture for your Barre Infernale!


International Chocolate Awards, World 2014 - Bronze
Origin - Rhône-Alpes, France
Weight - 160 g


Praliné 50% (roasted hazelnuts, sugar, 17% roasted almonds, cocoa butter, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, 45% minimum cocoa, non-GMO sunflower lecithin)), dark chocolate 70% minimum (cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, non-GMO sunflower lecithin), whole almonds 13%. Keep in a cool dry place between 16 and 18°C (60.8 to 64.4°F).
Contains nuts and milk. 
Weight: 160g

Maker Description

 Pralus  House was founded by Auguste Pralus. He opened his first bakery in 1948 and in 1955 obtained the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France due to his high-quality work. Auguste Pralus was a very popular pastry chef in France back in the mid-1900's. He was the inventor of the "Praluline", a brioche infused with pralines made with Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnut and rolled in rose petal infused sugar. Today, it is his son, François Pralus Master Chocolatier who took over the House. Pralus workshops produce over 100 tons of chocolate per year from beans from around the world. Today, the chocolate factory has its own plantation in Madagascar to provide an increasingly delicious range.

Customer Reviews

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My go to happy place

Best chocolate EVER! Melt in your mouth goodness

Excellent !!

My friends love the it! And the customer service is awesome !

over rated

maybe i am not a specialist in chocolate. i find the product over rated, too expensive for such taste.

That is a bit harsh review of one of the best chocolate products that won numerous awards and was produced in the most sustainable way from single-origin cocoa from Madagascar in accordance with a century long family tradition of French chocolate making. Also taking in account that this 160g product contains dedication, talent and hard labour of so many people from around the globe and cost less than some popular mass-produced Belgian 'luxury chocolate' the 1 star review, to our humble opinion, is hardly justified. We're not chocolate specialist either and truly believe that there's no such thing as being a specialist in any kind of food. But we also believe that such numbers as 2 or 3 are much more suitable for expressing opinions, while 1 can be reserved for food poisoning and similar experiences. However, we respect all kind of opinions and think that being disgusted by exceptional chocolate is a sacred human right. We would like to thank you for your order review and hope that you will be able to find something that you really like. Even if it's not chocolate.


I love it!!! The chocs were awesome! Delivery was very fast!


Pralus - Barre Infernale Noire