best milk chocolate | soma old school chuao chocolate
best milk chocolate | soma old school chuao chocolate best beat-to-bar chocolate | soma old school milk chocolate
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Say what?! That's right Soma made a MILK old school from the coveted Chuao cacao, and it’s like Crack. Chocolate as it was back in the day - simple and pure. 

Only three ingredients ground together in Soma's vintage melangeur with no further processing, refining or conching. Partially ground Chuao cacao nibs, milk and whole crystals of organic cane sugar provide an entirely unique crumbly almost cookie-like texture. 


Origin: Venezuela
Academy of Chocolate
2018 Gold
2017- Gold
International Chocolate Awards 
2016 Americas/Asia– Gold
2016 World- Silver
2017 Americas/Asia - Silver
2017 World Gold


Maker Description

We don’t think that there's a need to advertise this brand a lot. This small-batch chocolate maker from Toronto is very well-known among chocolate lovers and we were bombarded with numerous requests to add them to our chocolate collection. Soma was consistently collecting International Chocolate Awards including Dark Chocolate Gold for its Guasare bar in 2018. 

Customer Reviews

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Superbly Exquisite!!!

Simple and sincere ingredients with wholesome goodness and refinement! Wonderfully flavoursome!!! 😋👍


Milk chocolate with occasional crumbling sweetness, it's hard to believe this was only made with three ingredients. This is an experience to savour.

Hello Mel. Thanks a lot for your review. Normally, we're not very much into minimally processed chocolate bars because often we can't get past the rough texture, but this Soma Old School bar is something different! It's made of Chuao (Criollo) from Venezuela, milk, and whole, organic cane sugar crystals, and the brownie-like texture is overly pleasant!