Bonnat - Morenita Mexico 65% Dark Milk Chocolate
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One of the last born in Bonnat family. This time dark milk chocolate! A little gem, an exceptional aromatic palette between black and milk, a tablet that will convince aficionados of "black" and seduce lovers of milk!


These are rare beans from Mexico that gave the idea to Stéphane Bonnat to make a delicious tablet back. 
Cocoa content – 65%. Beans origin – Mexico. 


cacao, sugar, cacao butter, milk powder.
Weight: 100 g
Store in ambient temperature (between 17 ° and 25 ° C). 

Maker Description

Bonnat Chocolatier is one of the oldest family-owned chocolate makers in the world. They have been producing delicious chocolate for more than 130 years.

Customer Reviews

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Quality didn't shine through

Maybe because I prefer dark dark choc. This one tasted like Cadbury chocolate to me! It was smooth but wasn't as rich and dense as the other bars (all dark choc above 70%). Didn't think this was any special.

We're really sorry to hear that you didn't like the bar, but most probably the confusion was caused by the fact that it is not dark chocolate. It is so called 'dark milk' or milk chocolate with high (65%) cocoa solids content. Although it contains a lot of cocoa it remains to be milk chocolate. It will never taste like 70% dark chocolate. It also feels a little bit unfair to compare it with Cadbury. While Cadbury Dairy Milk includes MILK**, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifiers (E442, E476), flavourings MILK SOLIDS 20% MINIMUM, ACTUAL 23%. COCOA SOLIDS 20% MINIMUM. CONTAINS VEGETABLE FATS IN ADDITION TO COCOA BUTTER Bonnat Contains just 3 ingredients - cacao, sugar, cacao butter, milk powder. The cocoa solids content for Dairy Milk is 20% and for Bonnat is 65%. The difference, as you may notice is drastic and puts Cadbury in a very shaky position. Bonnat Morenita won Bronze in milk chocolate segment at International Chocolate Awards in 2017. Hope it helps to address some of your concerns.