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Bean-to-bar chocolate with Nothern design vibes.

Unwrap this bar, inhale the aroma and let yourself be taken on a chocolate adventure from the snowy peaks of Iceland to the sun-drenched Kilombero valley on Tanzania. At 65%, this is very much a dark milk chocolate. The high cocoa content gives the bar a richness, while the addition of milk creates a thick and indulgent texture.


  • Milk chocolate
  • Made from Tanzanian cocoa beans. 
  • With a fudge-like texture and flavour of a brownie and notes of brown sugar and pears.

  • Designed and made in Iceland


Organic cocoa beans from Tanzania, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, Icelandic milk powder & sunflower lecithin.

Weight: 65 g

Maker Description

Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Iceland. They use cocoa beans from different origins in order to discover what makes each region special and unique. They source premium organic beans with interesting flavour profiles. They roast, crack, winnow and ground down beans with care and precision to achieve an ultimate flavour and texture in their chocolate. Omnom's goal is to use the highest quality of ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship to create a treat for you to enjoy.  


Customer Reviews

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Very nice. Not too bitter and not too sweet. Nice balance and very smooth.