Labooko Chocolate - Belize Toledo 82%

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This is an award-winning dark chocolate with 82% cocoa content from the Toledo cacao growers from Belize on the East coast of central America. With each slice you can enjoy your dive into Mayan Culture.  This dark chocolate bar was made from cacao within grown by Mayan cacao farmers, who live in the middle of the jungle away from the restless Belize City.  Josef Zotter and his family spent two weeks in the jungle with the Mayan cacao farmers, where he filmed a documentary on their centuries of cacao knowledge and culture.
At first this chocolate opens up with cream and hazelnut but then progresses through orange blossom, Baileys and a touch of blackberry. It's just such a curious chocolate that we've fallen head-over-heals in love with it.
Weight: 65 g


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Very satisfying!

It was this Zotter video that got me interested in trying their Belize bars: