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Kankel Cacao - Chocolate Truffles - La Rioja White Wine

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It is said that the chocolate truffle appeared on Christmas 1895, created by Louis Defour, a chocolatier from Chambery of France. Looking similar to the Tuber Melanosporum, the truffle, he wanted to create a tasty and delicate gastronomic trompe l'oeil (eye deceiver), irregularly shaped, black and rough, with the most extraordinary fidelity, sprinkled cocoa powder on his creation to simulate the muddy aspect from which it is extracted... the rest is history. 

 What you have in front of you is real, the truth of La Rioja, the marriage of two worlds that match perfectly: chocolate and wine. 

The best ideas arise from a challenge that questions and squeezes your mind. What if? What would happen is to seal the ganache of creamy wine and its aroma in dark chocolate and wrap it into the grapes' skin. Indeed it would reveal to our pallet a wide range of aromatic sensations, a balanced pleasure in your mouth and at the retronasal level. Those aromas will not leave you indifferent. A truffle in which wine is the only and authentic protagonist, a divine sin. The first bite will take you directly to La Rioja.  

The best ideas arise from the challenge, that question that grips your mind... and yes?... Well, what would happen if we encapsulated a creamy wine ganache and its aromas, in a covering, and if, in addition, the skin (grape skin) a wine sugar is made, which would wrap this delicate whole? They contain 100% tempranillo, the most imitated wine in the world.


MAKER: Kankel Cacao, Spain

INCLUSIONS: Five White Grapes Wine.

GRAPES VARIETY: Tempvanillo Blanco, Viuro, Malvasia & Mturana Blanca. 

WEIGHT: 68g (2.39 oz)


Sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, White wine (contains sulphites), soy lecithin, vanilla.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odors. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging

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This very fragrant chocolate is made with beans from Peru, more precisely from the region around the Ucayali River. This is a region that has been awarded several times at the International Chocolate Awards, but which remains little known to the general public because, despite the quality of these beans, production is still very limited today. The reason is that the coca plantation there eclipsed that of the cocoa for several years. Working with USAID and Alianza Peru to provide a more profitable alternative to the cocaine market, operator Ucayali River Cacao collects and processes quality beans from a collective of nearly 400 smallholder farmers.  

This line of chocolate products reflects Chaleur's concern for quality and transparency at all stages of production. Their particular touch lies in their choice to bet on the typical aromatic profile of a given terroir.   

Note that nothing has been added to the chocolate and that the fruit flavours you will taste come directly from the bean.

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