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This bar is bitter. It’s a bar for those who adore sharp intensity of 100% chocolate. But no matter the percentage, chocolate can still be incredibly different since there are so many factors contributing to the taste and how each person like it. The bar plays at the same category as another exceptional bar by another master chocolatier – Pralus Le 100%. But in the case of Bonnat, the maker uses slightly different approach. It is good chance to learn how different chocolate can be.  


The spicy note of this bar made us think that this is how the Aztec Warrior Elixir would taste like. It smells flavourful. Become more intense as it melts.


cacao, cacao butter.
100% cacao content.
Dairy & Gluten Free.
Weight: 100 g

Maker Description

Bonnat Chocolatier is one of the oldest family-owned chocolate makers in the world. They have been producing delicious chocolate for more than 130 years. Raymond and Nicole Bonnat pioneered Bonnat’s first single origin bar in the 1980’s. Now their son Stephane Bonnat continues his parent’s tradition and working with more than 35 plantations from around the world to produce his bars.