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A stylish, large-format wall Advent calendar, filled with 24 different Handscooped Mini Chocolates in seductive flavours like different praline variations, butter caramel, Marc de Champagne, orange liqueur and gingerbread. This stunning chocolate range in organic and fair trade quality and featuring an absolutely beautiful design will make your festive season even sweeter.


MAKER: Zotter (Austria)

WEIGHT: 480g (16.93 Oz)

SIZE: W: 48 x H: 33 x D: 1.8 cm (W: 18.9 x H: 13 x D: 0.7 inch)


1. Caramelised Nuts 2. Whisky (alc.)

3. Hazelnut Brittle

4. Raspberry Coconut

5. “Lucky Charm“ – Milk Choco Mousse NEW 6. “For Good Ones“ – Honey Crunch

7. Hemp Bonbon

8. “Stress Stopper” – Blue Poppyseed

9. Plum Brandy (alc.)

10. ButterCaramel NEW 11. Berry Marzipan 12. Orange Liqueur

13. Praline Variation

14. Amarena Cherry

15. Cherries & Pumpkin Marzipan

16. Wild Berries with Vanilla

17. Typically Austria

18. Marzipan and Almonds

19. Chocolate Banana

20. Caramel Praline

21. Marc de Champagne (alc.)

22. Blueberries + Lemon Cream 23. Cognac + Coffee (alc.)

24. “Sweet Christmas” – Gingerbread & Fruit, contains gluten 

*fair-traded, fair trade content in total: 66%

°from controlled organic cultivation

Full cream milk powder by Bio vom Berg, organic alpine mountain farmers.

May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly Gale
Yummy and Good Size Chocolates

We've been very impressed by the variety and size of the chocolate bars - it's fun getting new flavors every day, and they're quite good!

Kerstin Kiesselbach

It’s beautiful looking calendar. But much more importantly it‘s a VERY delicious way of enjoying the 24 days waiting up for Christmas! Each little treat is special and of the best quality! I will definitely buy it again next year!!!

Definitely not Ernie

Interesting mix of chocolates! BTW my name is not Ernie....

Alex Loh
Zotter - Advent Calendar - Hand-Scooped Chocolate

Generally the chocolates are nice, however there are some weird flavors that are not acceptable.

Michael Smith
My girlfriend loves these

My girlfriend likes chocolate so much she became a pastry chef, so she's tough to buy chocolate for. I can safely say she has loved every advent calendar day so far.