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Next chocolate & chocolate gifts delivery to Tokyo (for orders placed before 11 AM JST).

Guaranteed express delivery to any other place in Japan Japan within 2 working days.

Shipping Rates.

Orders up to SGD 49.99 (apx. JPY 3950) - SGD 36 (apx. JPY 2900)

Orders from SGD 50 to SGD 99.99 (apx. JPY 3950 - 7900) - SGD 31 (apx. JPY 2500)

Orders from SGD 100 to SGD 149.99 (apx. JPY 7900 - 11850) - SGD 26 (apx. JPY 2100)

Orders from SGD 150 (apx. JPY 11850) - SGD 21 (apx. JPY 1700)

Craft bean to bar chocolate & chocolate gifts delivered in Japan

We are delivering the best craft bean to bar chocolates from around the world and sustainable chocolate gifts. Hello Chocolate has been delivering its luxury chocolates in Japan since 2015. Whether you are shipping to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka or any other city or remote area in Japan, Hello Chocolate delivers fine and bean to bar chocolates and chocolate gifts within 2 business days in perfect conditions. A DHL tracking number is emailed to your attention upon shipment.

What is Bean-to-Bar Chocolate?

Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is a revolutionary concept that has been drastically transforming the chocolate industry. Craft chocolates deviate from mass-produced chocolates in that they represent only the finest and most natural ingredients, can contain rare varieties of cocoa beans, ascertain environmental conservation, and emphasize positive social impact by ensuring a sustainable ecology, community, and economy. Additionally, craft chocolate bars are exceptionally delicious and pure, relatively healthier than mass-produced chocolates, and both the bars and packaging are always beautifully designed.


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