Milk Chocolate

If you like your chocolate to be creamy, less bitter and sweeter than milk chocolate should be your first choice. Having a great range of really unexpected combination of organic bean-to-bar cocoa, dairy and flavors like buckwheat or masala, we are proud of our milk chocolate bars collection from around the world.

Born in 1879, milk chocolate has won the love of millions due to its delicate taste, rich chocolaty smell, and exceptional ability to rekindle happy childhood memories. Our collection of organic milk chocolate contains high-quality milk chocolate bars produced from organic, fair-trade ingredients.

Where Do the Ingredients Come From?

Most of the chocolate producers we partner with are small, family-run bean-to-bar chocolate makers that follow fair trade practices. They source organic cocoa from small farms located in Guatemala, Peru, Congo, Venezuela, Thailand, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Malaysia, Tanzania, India, and other cacao-growing countries. Their organic milk chocolate contains top-quality powdered milk from organic dairy farms in Spain, Switzerland, and Chile.

How Your Organic Milk Chocolate Bar Is Born

Cacao beans, from which organic milk chocolate is made, grow on cacao trees on small farms in tropical climates. Around six million cacao farmers rely on the cacao bean for their livelihood. They shelter cacao trees from the wind, protect them from pests, and fertilize the soil. A cacao tree gives its first pods in its fifth year.

Ripe cacao pods are carefully picked with a machete. Gathering cacao pods requires special skills since each pod ripens at a different time. Then the pods get cut open, and the pulp-covered cacao beans are scooped out and fermented in banana leaves or wooden boxes. Fermentation usually takes 5 to 8 days.

As a result of fermentation, the white pulp escapes, leaving only cacao beans. Due to the high moisture content, the beans are dried out in a natural way by spreading them out in a single layer under the hot tropical sun. After that, they are packaged and shipped to chocolate producers.

The next step in the chocolate-making process is roasting. An essential phase in flavor development, roasting also helps to reduce moisture and kill any remaining microorganisms. Then, the roasted beans are cracked, and the shells are removed by blowing air through them, leaving pure cacao bean pieces called nibs.

The nibs are ground to create cocoa liquor, a mixture of organic cocoa butter and cocoa solids. The cocoa liquor is then pressed to extract the cocoa butter, leaving a solid mass known as cocoa presscake, which is pulverized into cocoa powder.

All the magic happens here: the cocoa liquor is mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, and powdered milk.

But that’s not all: the future organic milk chocolate undergoes a refining process, which improves the texture of the chocolate, and conching, which further develops flavor and texture. Then the mixture is tempered to prevent discoloration and give organic milk chocolate a smooth and glossy finish.

Finally, chocolate is poured into molds. Cooled and hardened, each organic milk chocolate bar is inspected for quality, carefully wrapped, and shipped to bring joy to dedicated chocolate lovers around the globe.

Our Choice

Puchero Guatemala Pasiega Butter Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

This incredibly delicious organic milk chocolate bar is produced from the Mayan Red cacao beans of Guatemalan origin, known for their sweet flavor profile with molasses and vanilla notes, and artisan pasiega butter made on a family farm in Spain. You’ll love its smooth taste and creamy texture, nicely balanced with a salty touch.

Ocelot Buckwheat Milk Chocolate Bar

If you search for unusual flavors, try this incredibly smooth and creamy milk chocolate with crunchy toasted buckwheat. It’s produced from ethically sourced cacao beans and high-grade Swiss milk in a small family-run chocolate factory in Scotland.

Ocelot Femme Organic Milk Chocolate

Femme is a dark milk bar produced from rare Amelonado beans grown by female cacao farmers in Congo and the creamy milk of Alpine cows. Thanks to Amelonado beans, this bar has a gentle yet bright flavor that reminds you of honey on a buttered toast. Organic Swiss milk used in producing this unique milk chocolate bar gives it a creamy, floral touch.

OBOLO Rica Rica Organic Milk Chocolate

This dark milk chocolate has a very special taste due to rica rica, an aromatic herb growing in the north of Chile. This exotic plant has a delicate flavor that reminds you of menthol, rosemary, and basil.