What is bean-to-bar chocolate?

Bean-to-bar chocolate is real chocolate without any palm oil, chemicals or other "industrial dust" in it.

For a long time, we were trying to find a short and simple definition of craft bean-to-bar chocolate that could serve as a conversation opener. And this one, probably, it. But, of course, there's more. To craft bean-to-bar chocolate, you first start with organic cacao beans of some sort - in other words, the beans are farmed organically. Then, once the beans are harvested, fermented and dried and you start the chocolate-making process, you don't add anything foreign or remove anything from the chocolate. This is bean-to-bar chocolate. Oh, there is a little thing we should mention: sometimes soy or sunflower lecithin derivative may be added, as a smoothening ingredient, and in a minimal amount. The ideal, however, is there is none.

Almost everyone is shocked when they find out that not all chocolate is natural like bean-to-bar chocolate and not all chocolate is made from one simple ingredient, cacao beans. Quite the contrary. It's astounding that there're about a hundred official, perfectly legal, completely unnecessary, possible additives. And additives aren't only for supermarket chocolate. Even some of the high-priced, "Belgian" chocolates will have at least ten. But bean-to-bar chocolate is so different. It may still be a microscopic speck in the global chocolate scene, but its' popularity is growing. Like the Little Engine That Could, this tiny bean-to-bar chocolate movement, and Hello Chocolate is a part of it, is slowly pulling the rest of the chocolate world up the mountain. Its' influence is outperforming its' size.

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