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Luxury chocolate gifts like never before. 

4 dark chocolate products made by award-winning chocolate makers. The bundle was curated by our team of experienced chocolate experts and supplied directly from the makers. 

This set includes a FREE gift note printed in handwritten fonts. You can leave your message on the checkout page. 

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- Single-origin Dark Chocolate - Serian 78% by Beau Cacao (France).  
- Single-origin Dark Chocolate made - Piura Porcelana 70% by Original Beans (The Netherlands). 
- Sugar-free Dark Chocolate - Mucilage 100 x 100 by Kanke Cacao (Spain).  
- Single-origin Dark Chocolate - Chumphon 70% by Kad Kokoa (Thailand).  

Yellow or mustard premium linen Japanes-style gift wrapping. 100% reusable as a piece of interior or personal decor. This carefully curated and hand-wrapped chocolate set ships as a gift, with a note printed in handwritten fonts and no pricing information. Orders take 2-5 business days to deliver it around the United States.

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