Hello Chocolate Marketplace


Hello Chocolate marketplace is a global platform for everything craft chocolate. We host the biggest catalogue of bean-to-bar chocolate made around the world by one of the best chocolate makers.
By connecting customers to a chocolate library, and a big number of global craft chocolate makers, we’re ensuring chocolate is made on-demand - sustainably and affordably.
Unlike the traditional industry, which tends to squeeze farmers and makers, our business model ensures that everyone in the supply chain is supported and rewarded fairly.
  • Chocolate makers get a global distribution channel

  • Cocoa growers get profitable jobs and new customers

  • You get craft products without the big retailer price tag, a more social, eco-friendly alternative to mass-production and an affordable way to buy sustainably-made products.

We’re focusing first on craft chocolate because it’s the best healthy treat with a social impact. However, it is just the beginning. We’d love you to join us in making this a reality. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in Hello Chocolate, especially if they’re craft chocolate makers or friends who looking to fill their storage with delicious craft chocolates from around the world, please do tell them about us.

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