Firetree Chocolate (UK)


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 Firetree chocolate -  rich bean-to-bar chocolate made from beans that are coming from the volcanic regions from around the world. Madagascar, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea are the areas represented in Firetree's current collection. The remote islands of the southern Pacific and Oceania are part of what is known as “the ring of fire”: a circle of 452 volcanoes surrounding that ocean. To create chocolate without parallel, the company source cocoa pods ripened to perfection. And much like the grapes in winemaking, the cocoa beans from each estate have their own unique taste. There are certain hallmarks you should expect from good quality chocolate. Its clean shine, the “snap” it makes when you break it, and that slowly melt in the mouth. And Firetree chocolate has it all. Unlike most of the chocolate makers that start small, Firetree is the products of a partnership between the company's enthusiastic founders, international independent creative agency League Delaney and artist Andreas Fischer who painted packaging using his impression after tasting each origin of the chocolate. The result is a beautiful and creative chocolate that is a great gift for any craft chocolate lover.  

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