Top Bean-to-bar Chocolate Makers in the World

Chocolate industry, as many other segments of the food industry is radically shifting towards sustainability, high-quality and ethical sourcing and production. Some call it "bean-to-bar chocolate revolution" some prefer more hipster term "craft chocolate".  But what exactly does it mean? The answer is simple: transparency and quality. It starts with beans grown, harvested and fermented in a particular region (very often at a particular plantation) that later travel to a particular chocolate maker that make chocolate that later travels to us and which we, in our turn, deliver to your doorsteps. We carefully check that chocolate tastes good and doesn't contain any "funny" ingredients. Chocolate makers check that beans are grown in the most sustainable way, that that are properly fermented and that farmers are not using "funny" practices like child slavery etc. Needles to say that the "funny" part used by the most of the mass-market producers is not funny at all.   

Hello Chocolate has been in this business since 2015 and we've tasted a lot of chocolate since then building our Chocolate Collection literally bar by bar. And here's our constantly expanding list of the best bean-to-bar chocolate makers from around the world. We are not insisting that it is the full list of all amazing bean-to-bar chocolate makers that you can find out there. But each brand is this list is dear personally for us, because we've been in this together for a long time and share a lot or stories, victories and disappointments. It was damn difficult and it was damn fun. 

Bean-to-bar chocolate expanded significantly since 2015. And continues to do so. For us it all started in steamy Singapore and now we run our operations in the United States and Canada as well as in Asia. We would like to thank everyone who shared with us this exciting journey.  

All makers here are listed in alphabetical order and we tried our best to include as many images and videos we could find to share with you the brightens or craft chocolate industry. It doesn't matter if it is a two-persons operations or a big factory. What is more important is that they stick to the core values: transparency and quality. It is also important for us that they understand that together we are building a sustainable distribution channel that will help independent chocolate makers to reach their customers avoiding unnecessary intermediaries and greedy retail chains that push supplies to sacrifice their values in order to make the cost of their chocolate as low as possible. The practice that led us to consume us sugar and brown dust mixed with unpronounceable chemicals instead of real chocolate. 

We hope that this list will help you to find some hidden gems in the exciting world of bean-to-bar and to support chocolate makers and hard-working farmers shopping with Hello Chocolate. Together we can make a difference. Bar by bar. 


Beau Cacao 

Country: France

Cacao origins: Malaysia

Products highlights: predominantly single-plantation dark chocolate with low sugar and high cocoa content. Support family-owned cacao farm in Malaysian Borneo. Using sustainable biodegradable materials for their packaging.  


Country: France

Cacao origins: famous for chocolate made from directly-sourced rare cacao from different parts of the world: Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador among many others. 

Products highlights: The celerity chocolatier Stephane Bonnat is the  


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