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Zotter Chocolate delivers over 300 chocolate products, that means you can have an absolutely different chocolate bar every day for a year. And Hello Chocolate can help you with chocolate to be delivered to your doorsteps despite the fact that we’re quite busy with trying them all.

Since it is quite difficult to choose all our favourites for our blog post, we will highlight only some of the bars that we really enjoy and think you should try. They are so special and innovative that we want to be sure you don’t miss them.  

no sugar chocolate | labooko dark style milk chocolate | hello chocolate

Probably you’ve already heard of dark milk chocolate - a whole trendy type of milk chocolate for dark chocolate lovers. It became very popular among chocolate makers with such brilliant examples as Friis-Holm Nicaragua and Fruition’s Marañón Canyon. But, as usually, Zotter takes this category to a brand new level offering no-sugar milk chocolate. This bar contains no sweeteners at all and it is an amazing treat for anyone who is a fan of 100% dark chocolate. The only difference of this bar from some 100% dark chocolate bars - it is consistently tasty and smooth.

Some of the 100% no sugar chocolate makers experiment with unsweetened chocolate by adding cashew butter and salt. This Dark Style bar by Zotter does the same thing: it removes the bitterness of plain dark chocolate with the addition of milk powder and vanilla. That is how we have this soft and non-bitter bar with savoury aftertaste. This bar can work perfectly even for those who prefer normal 70% dark chocolate. But the trick with 80%-100% chocolate fans is that they can find even milk and vanilla to be sweet. Don’t be harsh on yourself, guys! Today you can relax a little bit without guilt because this bar will 100% support you “good sugar is no sugar” moto.

Never-Ending Strawberry

best chocolate delivery | white chocolate with strawberry | labooko

But there is one more new trend in chocolate: chocolate makers are creating organically bright colours of white chocolate by grinding freeze-dried fruit directly into chocolate. The process contributes both bright colour and strong fruity flavours that can’t be beaten. Zotter was one the pioneers of the trend with berry-chocolate combinations. We absolutely love Zotter’s Labooko Strawberry, which has an absolutely great combination of chocolate and strawberry.

The reason why we like it is that the bar is so beautiful. It is the perfect way to treat yourself or any of your chocoholic friends. The design and package size make it perfect for gifting. In addition, kids love it too. And the strawberry flavour is so distinct that it tastes just like strawberry yoghurt.

Find out more on the Hello Chocolate website about the never-ending strawberry chocolate or any of the Labooko chocolates would make lovely gifts.      

This is about all we wanted to tell you about the great chocolate by Zotter. Stay tuned as we about to share more chocolate stories and chocolate recipes. And we have a few articles on chocolate making and great reads on bean-to-bar chocolate. Subscribe to our e-mail below to get instant access to exclusive chocolate brands and great promotions.  

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